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Mar 29, 2016
Apr 7, 2009
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Mar 29, 2016
    1. turfcobob
      Gabe, Thank you for the note. There are three things you should know about this job.
      1. They would like this person to locate in Minneapolis and work out of the home office.
      2. The job will require the person to travel up to 30 weeks a year. Mostly east of the Mississippi River. All expenses paid and pickup furnished
      3. They would like ther person to have a applicators license or at least a good working knowlege of spraying and spreading. You will be working mostly with aerators and applicators.

      If you are still interested you can call me and we can chat about it.
      Bob Brophy office 402-783-2028 cell 402-432-2446
      Tuesday I will be driving for 7 hours so cell phone will be best.
    2. LwnmwrMan22
      It was okay. I've got a couple of guys full time now, so my profit margin is right at zero, if that good, since it wasn't really in the business plan yet.

      We're still dealing with Community National Bank, both the 2 they still operate, and the one in North Branch they sold to People's National Bank.

      We picked up a couple of city accounts to do all their mowing this year and had an increase in revenue from $120k to about $200k.

      Like I said, as with alot of other companies in this economy, both in the green industry and not, that revenues were good, but profit margins are quite low.

      How about you guys?
    3. LwnmwrMan22
      I'm a full service maintenance company, no install or hardscape sales.

      I've got a good friend that does my irrigation work for me, as well as we do snowplowing and firewood sales.

      Business has been pretty good, we've added quite a bit of work, although I just go word that I lost a $14,000 year-around account, that they went with someone "quite a bit lower than me", and I've been doing their property for about 8 years at the same rate.

      That's the way it goes I guess.

      I've got other properties that are much less demanding that I get more for, so sometimes I just don't understand.
    4. LwnmwrMan22
      J & H Outdoor Services, based out of the Forest Lake area
    5. LwnmwrMan22
      Who are you with now? If you don't mind my asking.
    6. LwnmwrMan22
      I plow the snow at Bill's house. Everything I've ever done has been on the up and up, and have always been treated fair.

      The only issue I was involved with was I was paid with a bank check for work done at a residence, but the invoice listed the work done at the residence.

      I'd continue to work for Ross and Bill, I'm not sure if you're talking about them, or Windsor.
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