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Jul 22, 2016 at 9:35 PM
Feb 21, 2009
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Quincy, IL

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LawnSite Bronze Member, from Quincy, IL

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Jul 22, 2016 at 9:35 PM
    1. Coreyt1969
      Hey buddy, you said that you had put a kawi on a timemaster. I just wanted to clarify that the turf master pulley lined up with the belts.
      1. lawnsaspire
        From what I remember it did Corey. I took it off of my friends exmark30 and I'm sure we ran the blades and self propel with it on. Just couldn't mount the fuel tank. It is a heavier engine than the Briggs so keep that in mind as these engines like to come loose on their own anyways. I would try a bit larger bolt when mounting if I were going to keep one on.
        Jul 17, 2016
      2. lawnsaspire
        Turfmaster and exmark30 have the same pulleys by the way
        Jul 17, 2016
      3. Coreyt1969
        Thanks for the info. I'll order the kawi tomorrow.
        Jul 17, 2016
    2. vegandude
      I contacted mike Donovan about pm-ing and he said that you have to have 10 posts and be a member for 10 days before getting that privilege. I guess I gotta get busy and start posting
    3. vegandude
      Finally figured out where to go to pm but, a message pops saying I have insufficient privileges or that portion of my account is not activated yet. If you want my actual e-mail just let me know
    4. vegandude
      Real name is Jeff. I wish I had some pictures of my setup, but I don't own digital camera and ny cheap cellphone camera sucks. Basically 2001 Ford 150 with 2500 overloads and cab height racks,6x10 trailer with ramp split 60/40 and various racks and what not to hold trimmers,ladders etc. Nothing flashy just set up for speed and security. Visit www.PCRM.org and request a vegetarian starter kit. Recipes can come from www.all recipes.com Mobettavagan.com. if you put either vegan or vegetarian into either Google or Bing you will pull up tons of sites.
      Just cut back on the meat and cheese in whatever dish and bump up the veggies, just don't tell them. When I finally quite eating cheese, I dropped 20 lbs in one summer and started feeling great. Before going vegetarian we hardly ever ate meat
    5. vegandude
      Forgive me my ignorance about how to pm here,I hope that I am getting it right. Happy to impart whatever knowledge I can. Not all beer is made from wheat, what about rye or check to see what other grains are out there. I am vegan for ethical reasons first and then diet, no allergies. Typical American diet gets way to much protein and that is why so many people are rather large. Grains and beans are my main source of protein. Since becoming vegan , I found that I can push harder and faster with shorter recovery time in t h e evening. Lots of so called normal aches and pains have disappeared
    6. vegandude
      Posting a pre-emptive sorry to you for I just found the forum that my thread was moved to. I had posted it on a different forum and was not aware of the move.
    7. vegandude
      I have no interest in any hassles. I used to post all the time under the name ariensman but for many years I have not been able to. MY beef is legitimate especially when other people have posted similar comments in their postings. I felt that a response from the exmark rep was in order. I find it odd that a legitimate thread was removed that quickly. I also read a posting from another guy questioning why his complaint about the rear end on the 30 was removed. I have been away from the the site for a long time, is this how it is ran now. Please let me know, thanks
    8. kawasaki guy
      kawasaki guy
      How have you been liking the Kawasaki backpack?
    9. kawasaki guy
    10. mistakube
      We had a cut quality issue to, mower worked perfect for the first month, then all of a sudden we were getting a three inch stripe right down the middle of the mower, slightly higher then the rest of the cut... Brought it into my dealer with 80 hours on it and he put a level different parts of the deck, and it had the smallest warp to it, slightly un even right in the middle of the deck. We just got the new deck installed and it started cutting even worse with the catcher on, it was lopsided like the catcher was weighing the one side of the deck down and cutting at an angle, brought it back in and found out the whole new deck had to be tightened down again, now its cutting like a brand new machine. We were lucky that it was still under warranty when this all happened.
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    Quincy, IL
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    Started company to support my new son and ended up loving it and continuing.

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    2001 Ford Ranger with Landscape Body
    12X6 Aluminum Trailer
    36 inch Exmark Viking
    36 inch Exmark Turf Tracer
    Old 21 inch John Deere
    Husqvarna 223L trimmers
    2 Toro Timemasters
    Echo Blowers
    Husky 580 BP Blower
    Kawasaki BP Blower
    Toro & Ariens snowblowers
    Stihl & Echo Hedge Trimmers

    "All those in the memorial tombs will come out" -John 5:28