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    1. americanlawn
      Hi bud - I was raised on a farm about 1/2 hour south of Worthington, and now I'm watching the Viking game.

      Regarding negatives with the T3000: I figure over 90% of our issues with the units were resolved in 2008. Main complaint now is "slow in reverse", but we fixed both ours by eliminating the left handle, and turfcobob (Bob Brophy) tells me they have now solved the prob at the factory. We'll see.

      We have to replace the pump diaphrams about 2 times a year -- takes about an hour.

      We spread & spray effective patterns between 10 & 12 feet depending on how windy it is. We also use LESCO impellers instead of Spyker impellers so we don't have to monkey with the Spyker 'accuway' spread adjustment.

      For huge properties during round 1 and round 5 (dry apps), we use a Spyker 220 electric spreader on the back of a John Deere 445 cuz it can spread over 20 feet (but we cannot spray weeds with this). On 20K or less, we run the T3000. But for spreading & spraying, we ALWAYS run T3000's - nomatter how large.

      Most guys here is Des Moines still use Permagreens, but they are behind the times....some even haul them on trailers rather than on carrier racks (which I often cannot figure out).

      The T3000 was originally designed to compete with PG units, but TURFCO (and we) now know that the T can out perform Z's as well. Unless all you have are large properties.

      Bob Brophy will try to stop by here tomorrow with something new that he thinks we might like (another surprise that TURFCO keeps coming up with). He & I have worked closely together to come up with "new options" regarding the auxillary tank w/a short boom w/2 nozzles that still will fit through a 36" gate.

      If you are ever in our area, feel free to demo our T's --we have 2, and if we need another ride-on, it will be another T3000, cuz they don't break & will last many years.

      We service nearly 3000 accounts, about 40 miles in all directions from Des Moines, and we rely on carrier racks & 2500HD Chevy or GMC guys hate pulling trailers or driving huge trucks.

      Hope this helps, Larry, American Lawn Care, Des Moines, IA c: (515) 559-3854
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