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    1. LewisLawn
      Good to get to know someone local on here...I service some of Warren but mostly Cortland and Howland and surrounding ...I dealt with the companies that were in where Heatherwood is...The guy at Landscape Supplies ran everyone else out of business...He got the EPA invovled with the last group ...I'll only use him on materials I cant get anywhere else. I'm only a small company, family run but growing every year...This will be my 16th year ...If you are looking for good material and pricing Buckeye Bulk on rte 5 near rte 11...the mulch is primarily brought from Canada and they dye it on the premises...they also give discount to contractors...let me know if you've got questions or evry need anything...I am not out there to steal anyones business, and I don't do this to make a living...I have a primary job that pays the bills this has been a way for me to stay busy and enjoy my summers making money for the little extras in life
    2. Grasshackers
      I was buying off of Landscape Supplies on Elm Rd, but I found a better price from Heatherwoods. And I service champion, and around Todd ave. Glad to see someone else on here from warren!
    3. RicoFTL
      Hi Lewis-

      Where did you get your quote for the Little Wonder HPV hose attachment? I saw you thought you could get it for about $150. Our local dealer is asking about $264.

    4. bobcat48
      hey lewis i sent you a pm,thanks
    5. bobcat48
      hey lewis i sent you a pm,rember we talked a few weeks ago,about echo and trimmer,and asked you about the husqvarna edger and chainsaw yeah..thanks again
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    February 18
    OHIO, Cortland
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