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    1. Robbo
      hey, might be a little too far. got relatives in mifflintown ,dads from harrisburg area.
      shoot me a pic and info anyway. will help decision making.
      thanks Robbo 203-215-7726 or LNRDSVCLLC@AOL.COM
    2. mikeslawnlandscapeohio
      Hey it's mike, the guy looking for a leaf loader.
    3. jgibbons
      I noticed you were looking for bids for 5 properties back in March of 09. Would you be interested in some bids this year for those properties?
    4. PMTV

      I work on the Public Relations for The Toro Company and saw your post "My GS cuts so much cleaner and I would recommend the Turbo Force deck over any other I've tried."

      I was wondering if Toro could have your permission to use this quote on press releases and other promotional materials. If this is alright with you please contact me at

    5. RHooper
      Hello lilweeds,
      Thanks for the response ! The Ford LCF is indeed built by International Trucks / Navistar. The engine is a 4.5 liter V6 intercooled turbo diesel, built by Navistar. It is basically the big V8 powerstroke( F-250,350, 450, etc ) with the two rear cylinders sawed off, making it a V6. Therefore, According to the Navistar dealer, it has the same bore and stroke as it's bigger brother. It is, I think, about 225 H.P. and 440 lbs. of torque. It is a torque monster. I had an Isuzu NPR with the 8' x 18' landscaper body before the LCF, and the LCF is much stronger. I tested a new Isuzu / Chevy NPR with a 6.0 liter Chevy V8 gas before I bought the LCF. I drove it on a 5 - 6 mile test drive, both city and highway driving, and the truck used a quarter of a tank of gas( 45 gallon tank ) so I quickly took it back to the dealer, and told them no thanks. If you need more info, write me back.

    6. KC3
      First, let me apologize for the service you received with Bailey's. We have built this company on service and it is disturbing indeed to here of such treatment.

      I would like to ask you if you can provide any personal information so we can see the order in question. I would also like to know when (what time of day) you called. In order to provide 24 hr 7 day a week phone service we recently started using a 3rd party to cover the after hours calls. They are reputed to be the best in the business, so we would like to know if it was them or our regular call center. We do want to get to the bottom of this and find out which individual treated you in this way.

      We appreciate you ordering from Bailey's. Again, I apologize on behalf of us all that your first order with our company was such a bad experience.


      Rion Casey
    7. hunter5492
      give me a call at 917 455 0997 in regards to edger
    8. Gab kubota
      Gab kubota
      You can reach me @ 603-496-0988 or

      this is about the kubota 5019
    9. mjslawn
      Hey I use qb for my billing as well. What percent do they charge you on transactions? if you could give me some detail on that i would really appreciate it :)

    10. BigMatt11
      QUOTE=lilweeds You can probably get away with 3 screens, if the shirt company can do fading.

      What are these "3 screens" you talk about?
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