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May 30, 2016
Dec 15, 2011
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May 30, 2016
    1. madskier1986
      That is great advice. Thanks. I hope they are stealing the market from Exmark. I think that there mowers are not worth the money and yet that is what everybody runs around town here. Simply because that is the dealer who is close. My Gravely dealer is like 25 mins away but is well worth the drive. I was debating between the 252 and 260, just going to be a question of cost at that point. And I know that I can get a kohler engine at 29 HP, but i usually would go with the Kawasaki at 27 HP. I believe that they are better engines and on the plus side my mechanic is a Kawasaki authorized if i ever need him. Thanks again for you advice.
    2. watsmi57
      Hey. No bother. I love it. It is a well built machine. 0 problems with it my first season. I did nothing but change oil. If I were you since you already have a 48 WB. I would get a 60" deck. The pro-turn 100 series is enough for some folks. I like the bigger and better built 200 series myself. A 260 would compliment that 48 really well. I got the mulch kit and the ocdb(chute blocker). I have yet to even use the mulch kit(i am sure it works great) since the ocdb performs so well. I recommend you get the ocdb as well. well worth it. buy as much engine as you can afford too. I believe Gravely makes THE best mower for the money hands down. They are stealing the market from Exmark around here.
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