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Mar 15, 2016
    1. Matlock Lawncare
      Matlock Lawncare
      Hey John, Sorry I dont check this site too often right now (12-13 hr days), but yeah I had a time doing the bearing and seals, the manual isnt worth much, but I will have to go down and look at the 610 to remember everything, I do know that after I finished it and did the front seals I found that there is a chain tensioner up near the front. When you pull the side plates off, the one with all the nuts, look towards the front above the front wheels and it will be in that area. If I would have known this back when I did it it would have save me hours and a lot of busted knuckles, If you need some more help or cant find that tensioner give me a call and I will take my plate of and try and walk you through it. 636-294-1630 Tim If I dont answer just leave me a message and I will give you a call back
    2. GardenPrairie610
      Hey Matlock,

      I just read that you had a hard time with the bearings and seals on your bobcat 610. I am ready to do mine and I was hoping you might be able to pass on any tips or time savers. I have the manual from bobcat, but it only shows details for removing the fronts. I am assuming I am going to have to remove the drive chains.

      Any help you cold offer would be very welcome.

      Thanks, John Halgren (gardenprairie610)
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