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    1. mbean408
      thanks alot steve. i actually just talked to one of my friends who may be the one to take over and i know he does a good job. also he accepts that they are still my yards and that his work reflects my business. i feel that if this route is necesary, i will be taken care of and it should work out okay. also i didnt even think of keeping in toch with customers, but that is a great idea and i will do that as well. college will always come first and i understand that as well (me and you are on the same page so i guess we sound like old people aha). these are all good pointers and i will definately kepp all of this in mind.

    2. STL Cuts
      STL Cuts
      Glad I could help.

      I have a couple other pointers for you. If you end up having someone take care of the yards for you while you're gone make sure they understand that you will take them back over when you're back in town. This might not be the easiest thing to find as most will either want the customers full time or not at all. So basically, just make sure they understand everything and are fine with it. Also, make sure they will do as good of a job as you b/c they are a reflection of your business now.

      If you end up not commuting and living in the college town be sure to call your customers periodically. A simple 2 minute call every once in a while goes a long way with your customers (espescially the elderly ones, they seem very impressed that you took the initiative to stay in touch with them).

      The last thing I'll leave you with, and I know it sounds cliche, but make sure that your biz. doesn't overtake your college. I've read a lot of guys on here that get too wound up with their business and end up with bad GPAs, miss classes, or even end up dropping out b/c they can't manage both school and their biz.
      I feel like an old person saying this, but your GPA goes a long way with employers. I was at a job fair last week speaking with employers and a rep. from a very respected corporation was telling me how he was impressed with my GPA and that many people think employers look over GPA, but that is far from the truth. Basically, I'm just saying be sure to not slack off in school b/c it will affect your future job endeavours.

      I feel like a just wrote a novel on your wall lol. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to PM me back and I'll do all I can to help you out.

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