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Jul 17, 2016
Jan 9, 2007
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Sedgwick, Maine

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LawnSite Bronze Member, from Sedgwick, Maine

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Jul 17, 2016
    1. McFarland_Lawn_Care
      See, that's exactly what I'm talking about - instead of jump through hoops to help you out, they don't even sound like they care if they sell you one or not. Just wait till AFTER the sale, then they'll care even less, right? Keep looking around and demo some other stuff - I've started to hear good things about gravely as well.
    2. McFarland_Lawn_Care
      Nope, went with another Toro. Deere guys are stuckup and hard to work with over here. The one or two guys that run the JD commercials around here are all ready to switch over to red stuff. The mowers may be great but the dealers suck! Not worth it for us. The wet tall spring growth kinda sucks but we get through it.
    3. twomancrew
      Reading some of your posts from this Spring, did you get the Deere? I am in a similar spot with a z500 60" toro we are looking to trade for a z960r right now. The dealer is fighting a real demo because the 960r will come from another dealer 100 miles away. Dont want time on a mower I might not like they tell me. So if you have some comparison I would shout ouut to you in a new thread or something? Thanks, Twoman
    4. t-10yrs2retire
      (expect to have the same lawns from 2012. roughly 150hrs)

      Remember I said that these were only coming in at about $27/hr though so I am only figuring half the hours at 75.

      Thanks for any help
    5. t-10yrs2retire
      Oh and no problem staying on my side of the bridge....wait which bridge???...lol
    6. t-10yrs2retire
      Thanks for the response Jason. What I did was went out and bought enough equipment and kept a low budget to "Test the waters" last year. I had one contract that I got thru the SOPHI website and an older guy in my area wanted to give up a few of his lawns so I took those on at what he was charging. They were low and I knew they were but like I said this was only a test. After figuring everything out at the end of the year I lost $900. To me this was a success...lol...It was a success because I now had some numbers that I could work with and figure out what I needed to reach a goal. My goal for the 2013 season is to:

      1. Fill 450 more hours for the year.
      2. Continue to learn!
      3. Add spring and fall cleanups. (these are NOT already figured into the 600 hrs/yr.

      My operating cost I figured around $7000, and my equipment at around $12000 putting my break even point at an est. $19000. (or aprox 380hrs of which I do expect to have the same lawns from 2012. roughly 150hrs)
    7. we dig it
      we dig it
      Hey how is it going? I have been busy between all the mowing and brake downs etc. The best of 9 to 12 hour days 7 days a week... and still playing catch up some days. I have a question or two i hope you can help me with. The situation is that one of my customers is a arborist/landscaper. His lawn is pretty big, about 45,400 sq ft. no trimming. I gave a quote using the calculator on gopher forum of 45min and i charge $60/ hr. I agreed to do it for $40 each time. After doing it i found it takes me about 50 to 60 min so i was a little off. Now he was having his guys doing some mowing for his current customers but was happy enough with my work that he has tried to get some of the customers to agree to switch to me for service. Now he charged a little low for me but some are high profile spots so I agree to take them on. Now he asked me to do a estimate for a ice cream place. I looked it over and estimated my time to be 50 to 60 min with mowing and trimming. So i gave a quote of $55. He said he had other estimates and also the past company of between $35 and 40 to do the same as i quoted. Now this site has a area of approx 24,870 sq ft and 250 to 300 linear ft to trim. I am now using a 42" deck. After going home I went on to goilawn.com and found the sq ft and put it into the calculator on gopher forum. It came out with 50 min to complete. So to me I feel I quoted about the right time and price based on my hourly charge of $60/hr. Now my questions are... Am I over estimating the time it should take? If so is there a better way to figure it out? Next, Is my hourly charge of $60 too much? I mostly run solo but have had some extra help on the past couple weekends. If so where should i be and where you at? I know this is area specific most of the time but it is hard to figure it because most competitors dont want to let out much info like that.And my last one today is ... should I be charging per man hour or just the hours on the job? (Ex. two people on a job for one hour... equals two man hours or one hour on the actual job) I know that this is long but I wanted to give you as much detail as I could. If you could give me your expertise it would be greatly appreciated! I am sure you are busy but, Thank you for your time!

    8. mouse179
      I live in Lubec
    9. jonesy5149
      Mcfarland hows life.... What is you plan for the hardscapes this year?
    10. we dig it
      we dig it
      Yes i got the pics thank you
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    Sedgwick, Maine
    Services Your Company Provides:
    • Lawn Mowing
    • Landscape Maintenance
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    • Weed Control
    • Snow Removal & Ice Management
    • Tree Services
    My name is Jason McFarland and I started the business in 2007 after getting out of the military. I have been growing steadily ever since thanks to my loyal customers and our great work ethic.


    GM trucks
    Toro Z masters
    Permagreen Centri
    Stihl 4mix handhelds
    +1 fully stocked fridge in the shop!

    USMC!!:usflag: :drinkup: