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Jul 19, 2016 at 8:37 PM
Feb 27, 2004
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Jul 19, 2016 at 8:37 PM
    1. carolinatiger
      Just trying to figure out this web site. I am very interested in the machine. Please feel free to give me a call or text me at 865-455-1701. Thanks, Jamie
    2. meets1
      Myself - Sheldon. I run two locations in Sheldon and Sioux Center. So roughly 2 hours between us. I haven't been in storm lake for quite a while but we should stay in touch. I would only assume our weather patterns, conditions etc are pretty close to each other. Enjoy your weekend.
    3. chevyflan
      I am from storm lake iowa and what part of iowa do you live.
    4. Bridging Financial
      Bridging Financial
      Thanks for posting your input on the forum. Where do you see your company in 5, 10, and 20 years from now?
    5. RigglePLC
      I got the pictures. Thanks, Jeff. Do you want me to try to post the photos on lawn site? They are a bit small in the photos, but I think they look sorta like young grubs. They will get big in about a month. Can you see a red head? 6 legs? Can you use a magnifying glass and examine the rastral pattern on the back underside?

      If you can see the raster pattern--you can usually identify the species.
      The number of grubs per square foot indicates the need for treatment. Five or more per square foot shows a need for treatment; Use Dylox or sevin.

      However, the big mystery is the still yellow spots. It could be fungus(with not enough grubs to cause a problem). Spots are not typical of grub damage. Grubs usually case a diffuse pattern of unthrifty or weak turf in the fall.
    6. meets1
      I sent a few pics ...let me know if you get them and your thoughts? Thanks
    7. RigglePLC
      I would like to see photos of the worms you have and the damage they caused.
      My email is:

      Regards John Riggle
    8. akskpaint
      Did you have any questions?
    9. akskpaint

      Would you like to take a look at our brochure of our line marking system? I had trouble emailing you with the information.


    10. PappyQ
      www.mikesbackyardnursery.com/ is a great site to get some ideas. you can buy his book(s) or just digest all that he offers for free. i am in the start up process to grow 3000 trees in 1000SF of space in my backyard...a local 'nursery hobby' license is only $22 here in East TN. hope this helps
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