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Oct 23, 2013
Jun 30, 2011
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Oct 23, 2013
    1. micah.ness
      Thanks for getting back to me! Thanks for all your help ill definitely consider it.
    2. Hansen's Lawn Care
      Hansen's Lawn Care
      sorry it took a few days to respond. Yeah it stripes really well and the power is pretty good. I have the 14h.p. kawisaki, i put jungle wheels on it and this thing whips me around at a decent speed. Like I said it's used but I haven't had any problems...great machine
    3. Hansen's Lawn Care
      Hansen's Lawn Care
      I bought mine for $700. Basically I got a great deal because I have seen similar mowers for close to a grand and they weren't in as good shape. There is no hour meter on mind however, but I know the guy who I purchased it from and he's constantly maintaining his equipment.
    4. Hansen's Lawn Care
      Hansen's Lawn Care
      Hey Micah,

      Yeah I have a 36" Gear Driven...wish it was a Hydro. But it's a great mower, very easy to work on and built like a tank. By nature I'm a little rough on all my equipment and this mower takes a beating. When I decide to upgrade/buy another mower I will most definitely buy a Lesco. My mower has the 14hp Kawasaki, plenty of power...but the only thing, like I mentioned before, is I wish it was a Hydro...works great though!
    5. ndols2
      your from Plymouth? I have a few out there
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