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Jul 21, 2016 at 2:40 AM
Feb 8, 2003
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Queensland, Australia.

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LawnSite Platinum Member, from Queensland, Australia.

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Jul 21, 2016 at 2:40 AM
    1. Tharrell
      Hey, I'm the guy from NC that posted to you on youtube about the clumping.
      I'm convinced it has to be that channel in the front of the deck.
      I'm not a fabricator but wish someone could come up with something to force the grass into the other blades.
      I'm sure if the grass was passing through the other blades it would be chopped up much finer and would look better.
    2. greencuts
      Gday Mick, I was just doing a search on Blade balancers and noticed you are happy with your Magnamatic. Are they available in Oz (I'm in Melbourne) or did you buy from the states. Thanks, Warren.
    3. banjo
      Hey Mick, finally got registered.! Hows the work going ? Mines finally picking up after that last rain. see you got a new driveway. Ross
    4. Mickhippy
      I just rang that (development) mod that I was working for... Theyve layed off everyone! Shut down there landscaping side of things. He's basically just a mowing guy like me now! Faaaark! They owe me something like $4000
    5. Mickhippy
      I Russ, mate pretty bloody slow at the moment! Lost that development I was doing. They are going to do it themselves as they are struggling as well.
      Bring on some rain for sure.

      How about you?
    6. easycareacres
      Hows it going Mic, Looks like seasons almost ready one more rain
    7. Rhinoman
      Thanks for the art work, just discovered where the attachments were. Thanks
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