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Mike Blevins
Last Activity:
Jul 21, 2016 at 6:22 PM
Jun 26, 2006
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Mike Blevins

LawnSite Bronze Member, from BRISTOL, VIRGINIA

Mike Blevins was last seen:
Jul 21, 2016 at 6:22 PM
    1. Allstarlawnstretch
      My email is allstarlawnandtreeservice@yahoo.com best way to get ahold of me thanks
    2. Allstarlawnstretch
      Considering the grounds guys I currently work full time and have a part/full time lawn bussiness with 50+ accounts plus lots of side work, I currently work dark to dark m-f 12 month a yr , and 8-10 hr day on every sat in growing season and every other in winter, I would really enjoy to have a life that involved more than just work. Given my situation would you be able to tell me if grounds guys would be right/wrong for me I am looking to go full time I also have a business partner. Have currently been in discussions with Waco but wanted some firsthand knowledge thanks for your time
    3. mkellerman
      it is hydro but fixed deck. if u change ur mind let me know.
    4. mkellerman
      i c lookn for turf tracers but i have a 2011 36" viking for sale. comes w/ exmark bagger and jungle jim sulky wheel. 16 hp kaw w/ about 100 hours. askn 4600. im n youngstown ohio
    5. lizhutch
      A good ole Shady Valley Boy, how's it going?
    6. timjoebob

      I saw that you're thinkin of sellin' your Scag. Do you have a price? You can email me at timjoebob@comcast.net.

    7. Scag guy
      Scag guy
      Hey Mike: I am in the market for 36wb. I see that you have a scag tt( so do I ) as I am a Scag guy at heart. I read your praises of the exmark tthp and am considering one. Cut quality, ease of use, wet grass issues how would you rate the tthp. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Allen
    8. P.Services
      mike when is the last time you took the plug off your scags ecm and put grease on it?
    9. chathamvahere
      Mike are you originally from Chatham VA and bought a camaro from Piedmont chevy years age, if so hi ol buddy if not sorry for the pm :)
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