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May 27, 2016
Aug 5, 2000
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May 27, 2016
    1. z4j
      Hello MJB. I just bought a Pioneer 60 last night was going through your review this morning. Thanks for putting that together! Any updated on areas to watch or all good at this point. Also on your stripper, could you please give me a few more details on mounting and dims? Thanks either way. and have a great day. Jeremy
    2. jdkluck
      The reason I am writing is because I am a new first time home owner in Michigan. Have 3 acres of yard to mow and I was looking at getting this exact some mower, minus the mulch blades.

      What do you think of the Kohler Command CV740 engine? Also why didnt you go with the Kawasaki FX730 motor, since I saw a lot of your previous Lazer models have the Kawasaki engines?

      Mainly because I am torn between the two engines. I heard from my co-worker who owned his own landscaping and snow and concrete business before selling it. He had Exmarks (Lazer series) and swears by them. He is how I found out about them and when I started to research them. However he says hands down go with the Kawasaki engine over the Kohler. He had Kawak's in his Exmarks and no issues.

      Any advice you can give me and recommendations and what you think of your Pioneer.

      Either way I really would appreciate you feedback and what you think.

    3. 1MajorTom
      ok, i moved it for you.
      have a nice day
    4. groundcontrol_71646
      What setting do you run your deck on?
    5. StanWilhite
      Hey MJB, I always enjoy reading your posts, they are well thought out and written!

      Because of an order mix up, I wound up with 2 sets of G6's that I think will fit your mower. If you're interested in them at a really good price, measure your blades and send the measurements to me so I can double ck.

      I ordered 2 sets for my 60" Lightning and was sent the wrong blades. I was really pleasantly surprised when the salesman told me not to worry about sending them back because the freight was so high. He told me sell them to make up for his mistake, and my inconvenience! Sounded good to me! :-)

      Do you think 50 bucks plus the actual freight charge is fair enough?
    6. tarheel14
      new to the site im from missouri and i also quit the BN to mow lawns. They refused to give me a transfer out of Alliance so I told them to shove it. Might not be making the same money but I work to live not live to work like I did for 6 years with the BN.
    7. chani
      Arkansas. Most of my lawns are Burmuda or Zoysia. BB is a Arkansas company that is what got me interested, but I am really wanting to see if their mowers are what I need.
    8. chani
      been looking at the BB mowers and see that you have one. What cons can you tell me about the outlaws, also how is cut quality compared to your other mowers... Any pros that are not covered in the product lit.
    9. T.M. LAWNS
      T.M. LAWNS
      Just looked at your album, you do amazing work.
    10. LibertyFarmLandscaping
      I dunno. Call the factory (870-698-0090) and ask for the service dept. and ask them what they think. I'm limited on blades due to the 54" deck on mine. I just run the standard lift blades.
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