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    1. Mowingman
      Well, the diesel is just barely broken in. If it has had at least basic service, it should last at least 6000 hours if you take really good care of it. It will have the D2 drive system which is great. If it is nice, it could be worth $5500.00, including one of the 61" decks. The deck on that machine should be a tilt-up type deck.
      I assume the gas machine has the liquid-cooled Kubota gas engine. That is a great engine and can easily last 5000 hours. Do not let the appearance of the mower turn you off. If the engine and hydro trans. system is good, everything else is worth fixing. It would have the Gemini transmission system. Those are usually good for about 3000 hours, is serviced properly. They are not rebuildable, and new, they cost about $1200/side. Put machine against a solid wall, or a post of some type. Apply full powr and push both steering levers forward. both sides should spin the tires easily. If not, one unit may have a problem. This could be anything from a simple fix like a belt or tension idler, or it could be failure of the whole hydro unit. If the engine and trans. are all in good working order, the machine, along with a 61" deck, should be worth $3000, even if it needs TLC.
      Assuming all the other stuff is in good operating condition, here are my thoughts.
      Aerovator is a VERY HIGH DOLLAR item when new, blade is not expensive, bagger set up is expensive, and edger is nice. I think edger used to cost about $1200 new.
      Assuming stuff is not junk, I think retail pricing might be as follows
      diesel w/deck $5500
      gasser w/deck $3000
      Aerovator $750
      collector if complete $750
      blade $100
      edger $500
      That is about $10,600 I think.
      Offer $8000 for all maybe???
      Here is my email if you would like to send me some photos. I can then refine my pricing ideas.
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