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    1. SCLocke
      Any luck with the Kaw and spark ?
    2. QLS
      Hi Matt,
      Thanks so much for your quick response!
      I guess one of the things I need some help with right now is for putting together a proposal for a big client for Lawn services beginning spring 2010. We cannot seem to find any previous proposals my brother wrote for this account, which he has had for many years. It is a large condo association and I think they've had a change in management that began last spring---they had requested a proposal for snow/ice service for the winter due by Sept. 1, and because we had no idea what we were doing and no previous records of written proposals, we lost the bid. They had not been previous snow clients, so it's not like we really lost them as clients---in fact, they said they were disappointed because they were so pleased with our lawn care service and our crew. They now want a formal proposal for next spring's lawn care. Due by Nov. 1. Can you point me in the direction of some examples of how to estimate a job like this and detail it out for a well written proposal?

      The other thing that we need some help on is estimating the value of the business, for if and when we decide to sell it. My brother-in-law, who has an HVAC business in florida, says that the asking price for a business should be around the figure of the previous tax year's gross receipts and would include all the equipment, vehicles, supplies, current customer lists, and the business phone number. Our attorney thought that that was too much---he did not think that was in line for a business of this sort. In my limited research online, it seems that lawn care businesses being sold list things like cash flow as well as gross receipts, and other info. I am totally at a loss here---we have two trucks, a trailer, several John Deeres, snow plows, and other various equipment which I have no idea how to value. perhaps you can guide me to some reliable sources for estimating the value of this business?

      I grew up in Saucon Valley and my parents still live there! If I didn't mention it before, Quality Lawn Service is based in Breinigsville.

      Thanks for your offer for help, Matt. I appreciate your response! Courtney
    3. QLS
      Hi there. I just came across you on and see that you are in the Lehigh Valley. I could sure use some advice, if you would be so kind.

      My brother owned and operated Quality Lawn Service in Allentown, PA for the past 23 years. Unfortunately, he passed away in May, and as executrix of his estate (I'm his sister), I have inherited the operation of the business. It is a corporation, so it is not tied directly to his personal estate, and until we decide what to do with the business---keep it going or sell it---we have to continue daily operations.

      I have had no direct knowledge of the lawn care business, so I'm obviously learning alot. I am fortunate to have an excellent crew chief who was trained by my brother and has worked for him on and off for many years. My brother's wife and I have been handling all the office work as best we can. It seems as though you are a veteran in this business and I thought that your proximity to our business might be a place to start for looking for some general advice.

      Quality Lawn Service does only lawn care and snow/ice removal as it stands now. Our crew chief, who has an interest in buying the business, but does not have the financing right now, also has experience in landscaping and hardscaping which he thinks we should add to our list of services.

      Honestly, I'm not sure what to do. I live in NJ and have my own small business as well as a full time job, so I don't know that I'm interested in maintaining this business. However, I would like to keep it healthy as it's been, so that if and when we want to sell, it is in good order.

      Many thanks for reading. I hope I hear from you! Courtney
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