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    1. carrollwood
      Good afternoon,

      I have been looking at an older post of yours where you showed a Snapper 36'' walk behind. I have a problem that I was hoping you could help me with.

      I just bought the same mower and the Kohler Command 12.5 Pro Series information tag is so weather beaten that it cannot be read and of course I need to order an engine part.

      I was wondering if you could confirm the model number of your snapper and the model number of the Kohler in the hopes that they match my mower configuration and I can proceed with my repair.

      Thank you in advance for all of your help.
    2. TheSurfaceInsect
      Thank you for your reply. Just so I'm understanding correctly, your WB Turfco Aerator is 36 Inches in width? I was wondering also if that particular aerator has a model number? I'd like to be able to research it, but can't seem to find anything except info on the newer Turfco Aerators. Have you ever had any issues with it? Thanks for your help!
    3. TheSurfaceInsect
      Hey I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm thinking of buying that same turfco aerator. I wanted to know if you happen to know the width of the machine and if you ever had difficulty getting into residential backyards with it? Thank you.
    4. 1993lx172
      Any time.:waving:
    5. 1993lx172
      Go to the top left of the very top green bar under the four yellow tabs and click on "User CP" and it will be on the left side in a long list, just scroll down and you should see it.
    6. 1993lx172
      To start a new thread (I'm assuming that’s what you mean) look for a green tab at the top left of the page after you go into a section (going from the LS home page to one of the sections in the different forums). Click on that and then it's just like doing a post but you’re just starting another topic. Hope that helps.
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