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Jun 2, 2015
    1. SSantor
      Hi I'am selling a 36 inch hydro with a new engine. I live in Harrisburg. If you have any interest call me at 717-731-6184
    2. Landis Roof Cleaning
      Landis Roof Cleaning
      Sorry, I just found this message again. I meant to reply way back when you sent it, but must of pushed it to the side and forgot about it. an Average size two story home is usually in the cost range of $750. A simple 1 story rancher at $500. Once you start getting into some of the larger size homes with steeper pitched roofs, you could easily be in the $1500 range (like the homes around the lake up there). Let me know if you have anyone interested and I'm sure we can work out some sort of finders fee.
    3. Moose's Mowing
      Moose's Mowing
      ah ****. I already ordered a sample polo for like 5 bucks. So I guess the refer a friend thing is out. thanks for the link tho, I like their site so far. I hope that polo comes out good, if so I'll be getting a few t-shirts made up
    4. landscaper22
      I think if you have already registered with them it will not work. But I can send you a link through e-mail if you want and we can try. It said if customer has already registered or ordered the refer a friend is not valid. I never have done it but any way to save a little money works for me. But either way, you will like them. Pay attention to the annoying e-mails the send nearly every day. Yeah they are annoying, but they have such good deals sometimes you can't help but order more, lol
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