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Mar 31, 2015
    1. dj_jazzy_j
      Man, at 45 hours, my blower fell apart, bolt and nut came out, took the impeller and bearings with it!.. I mowed all summer without it, just mulching, now this fall i've put it back on...after 2 hours this fall it started acting up again, dealer replaced both belts. Now my motor is surging after 1 hour of running and they can't figure out why! Anyway, they gave me a 2010 925a as a's funny as it's having belt issues with the power flow too. They both look burned out and the one attaching to the mower "flips" about 30 seconds after turning on the deck. At 200 hours on my z920m, I'm worried that its underpowered or something.
    2. dj_jazzy_j
      Hey Mowerbrad, how's your powerflow holding up, have you experienced any excessive wear on the belts, had to replace them often?
    3. goodgreen
      Same thing...I had a lot of new calls this year, and because I didn't really need the, started charging a premium price. Got most of them to sign up, so now I'm questioned perhaps being too low for my regular clients. With gas going up and staying up, I may increase some regulars next year. Also have some bi-weeklys that are a P.I.T.A. So they may go. My regular day job was eliminated about a year ago, so now I'm social security and full time lawn care. Love it... We should do coffee, lunch or happy hour some time.
    4. goodgreen
      Haven't talked for a while. How do you like your Deere?
    5. goodgreen
      Slow start to the season this year in Grand Haven as compared to last year? Getting bored yet? I'd be happy just to see the sun for a few hours!!
    6. jschultznorth
      One last thing. The 915b is 7100 the 920m is 7990 and last years model 820a is 8200 what in your opinion is the best deal. i live in rural area so almost every yard has a steep ditch(thats where I didn't know if those rear scalpers would be missed or not)
    7. jschultznorth
      Hey there. Seen your informative post about the 7 iron decks. I am bent on the 915b or the 920M. the only differnce is the m has sturdier throttle,flat free fronts and the pro deck. Have 2 820's with the pro deck(so am familiar with those) and am worried about the 915 with no antiscalping back wheels. DO i need to worry or will the 7iron II work just as well. Thanks
    8. rungreen
      Brad, what is the part number or kit to change height deck adjustment knob on 2010 Z900 series. Was told you did this and would like to but dealer doesnt know what I need. Thanks
    9. slapon
      Thanks for that really nice post. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
    10. slapon

      I just became a sponsor of the site, so I could post information about my product without getting myself in trouble. I started a post in the Landscape Maintenance forum and would appreciate it if you could post your impressions of my product. Understandably, those that I am speaking with are skeptical, having never used a product that is completely foreign to them.
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