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Apr 16, 2014
Jun 25, 2009
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Apr 16, 2014
      hi my names Greg,

      umm and i saw your insurance thread/ bad day thread and i was wondering what company you use cause i am looking into some myself

    3. lildrestl3
      Was wondering about Ins. in The st louis area.. I seen your post.. Dave
    4. stlouis grass cutter
      stlouis grass cutter
      Sorry I have not got back to you. My uncle has had some serious health issues and my dad has needed my help with him. I will try to give you a call as soon as I can or you can email me with any info is you wish. I sent an email to you on 4/11/11 as a test so you had my email.
    5. stlouis grass cutter
      stlouis grass cutter

      Have you revisited your numbers and considered a new selling price. Above is a link to an old thread granted it was almost three years ago. Some of his equipment is probably a year and a half old at the most. He had 17 accounts, a 52" and a 36" mowers, trailer, two trimmers and a blower. Granted this was almost three years ago, but he was asking $12,000 for his business.
    6. THSG
      i understand you have around 10 accounts in the south county area? i am in my third year and would would certainly be interested. my name is parker please call me at 314 369 8550 if these are still available.
    7. stlouis grass cutter
    8. stlouis grass cutter
      stlouis grass cutter
      I have money to invest in a business. Are they also selling any equipment, because I need equipment. I used to cut grass in grade school, high school and college and want to get back into it. Do they have contracts? About how much they are wanting for it?
    9. CraigU
      In regard to your website deal. One often overlooked deal that is really a great deal is Office Live thru Microsoft. Register a Domain name for $15 year. (expensive for what it is but not a big deal in the scheme) At my day job i run the IT stuff and we paid a couple hundred bucks to register the name for 15 years. Back to the Office Live Stuff, the cool thing is you get a site and you get the ability to have domain based email addresses. Looks way more professional to have your email address attached to your domain name.At least in my opinion. Hope this help. let me know if I can help.
    10. StanWilhite
      If that truck has been underwater you are likely to have a bunch of electrical problems later. Good luck!
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