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    1. robert@honda
      • With engine OFF, the solenoid gets neither +12V or -12V (ground).

      • When the engine is started and is running, the generator (or coil on the engine) sends a constant +12V to the solenoid. But, it does not get a -12V (ground), so the plunger stays retracted.

      • When you switch the engine to OFF, things get more busy:
      (1) Turning the switch to OFF sends -12V (ground) to the solenoid and the ignition.
      (2) The -12V completes the voltage required to operate the solenoid, and its plunger extends, blocking the fuel flow to the main jet of the carburetor. This is to reduce the possibility of backfiring.
      (3) With the engine's ignition is also grounded, the engine shuts down. When it does, the generator slows down stops sending +12V to solenoid, and the plunger retracts.

      Hope this helps...

    2. toyomeister
      i have a 2 cycle concrete saw (wacker). it has 150 compression, fire, fuel, clean carb but no start. are the crankshaft seals suspect? how do you test? or, there is one part of the tillotson carb requires removing a bung plug to get to (didn't)
    3. mowisme
      yea..sounds thast way!..but as of yet just had few flurries. I got booko leaves to get up yet at clients. still have 50-60% of leaves still in trees! Geno
    4. madisonpressurewashing
      Madison, Alabama. I see you are getting snow early!
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