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Jul 15, 2016
Dec 28, 2004
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Jul 15, 2016
    1. RigglePLC
      I am not really familiar with spraying pre-emergent. I normally used pre on fert--most often Dimension.
      Still, I think 1.5 followed by 1.5 as a split ap should work fine.

      However, let your computer help you. Each late summer and fall--give you lawns a numerical crabgrass grade, A,B,C,D-- 4,3,2,1--and so forth. Let your computer find the average and print it on your customer card. So you have it neatly typed on the card in front of you in the truck next spring as you begin. Know in advance if it needs an extra heavy dose. Also why not indicate what part of the lawn has the most problem, say mark for the record--Front, sides or back--or NSEW. Put the chemistry where it is needed. Along the road--edges of the sidewalk. Or just where power edging has occurred.

      Maybe you will walk very slowly in the crabgrass prone areas.
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