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Dec 9, 2015
May 26, 2003
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northern jersey

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Dec 9, 2015
    1. PSUhardscaper
      Just wondering if you could elaborate on exactly what 'bond lines' are, and in which job pics they can be found. Thanks
    2. Natcin8

      I have just purchased a new enclosed trailer. I understand that you purchased a garage apoxy floor covering, and applied it to your trailer floor. How has it held up? When I call the manuafacturers of these products they say the wood will expand, thus causing cracking. Is that true? Also, how did you apply the product? Step by step.
    3. EagleLandscape
      Ever used Keystone Century Wall block before? I'm looking at using this over Belgard Celtik wall for budget reasons on a project. I've got a wall with 503FF and 265' of caps. Super easy access, right off of a main street where we are working in the right-of-way. Have to take super safety precations due to 40mph street, and we would be building 15' from the street. But other than that all machines can grive right up to wall, and everything can be dropped and stored at construction point, or 50' away. Can I shoot you some pictures of the wall I will be removing? its an old railroad tie wall. Just need some pricing help on the deal. I've built 5 or 6 gravity walls before, but have either charged way too much, or way too little. I'd like to treat the customer right on this one, and still make a good profit.
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