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Feb 7, 2016
Aug 9, 2013
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St. Louis

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LawnSite Bronze Member, from St. Louis

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Feb 7, 2016
    1. drencheddesignsllc
      I will snap one tomorrow. Thanks.
    2. drencheddesignsllc
      No Im baffled. After I adjust the rods and get the tension back on the belts it works for about 3 weeks or so. Then slowly its as if the belts stretch again to the point where I have to adjust the tension again. Once a month Im spinning down the little tension bolts on the rods. I thought it might be normal. Oh well. I want a Grandstand 40". Need to save my pennies I guess.
    3. drencheddesignsllc
      Yes Tbar which I love.
    4. drencheddesignsllc
      mwalz may I ask you a question about your belt drive Toro? Are you constantly having to adjust the travel on the traction rods to get it more responsive? Probably once a month? I see you pull a sulky also. I am always adjusting those darn things to keep it responsive.
    5. szykan
      I start at $35 up to 10,000 sq ft and go up from there. You would be great with starting at $30. I am full time with insurance and taxes and stuff so you could be cheaper, but don't work for free.
    6. mwalz
      Thanks! One question i just thought of, what do you charge for a 1/4 acre lot? I haven't got to ask anyone around the area here so i was curious. I would do $25 or $30 depending on how difficult it is to actually cut.
    7. szykan
      That's great. We are about an hour apart. I do most of my work in ofallon. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.
    8. szykan
      What part of St. Louis you in? I'm in Troy, mo.
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    St. Louis
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    Started my business back in 2011 with a few accounts. Had an electric blower, electric trimmer, and a Craftsman push mower. Did that for 2 years while getting a gas blower and trimmer. At the end of 2013, i got a Toro 36" belt walk behind. Used it fo

    Lawn mowing, big Chrismtas light displays, DJ


    My Equipment thread:

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    2011 Ferris 48" Comfort Control DD
    2001 Toro 36" Belt Drive
    2006 Huslter 36" Trimstar
    5x12 Carry On Trailer
    2004 Chevy 2500HD
    Echo Trimmers
    Stihl BR600
    Stihl BR550
    Stihl 56 CE Hedge trimmers