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    1. nmanley
      Hi Richard,
      I got my 5200 Lightning 26hp LC 52" deck with the foot assist deck lift for $7500 including 3.25% tax. So that's about $7265.00 before tax. The larger deck is about $140 increase but the foot assist matches that in dealer cost.
      Like you I only have personal property (3 acres) to cut and want a mower that will last a long time.
      I too have a Cub Cadet (2185) that I've had for 10 years and it still does a great job but a very slow job of cutting this much Bahia.
      I bet (hope not) your going to have to take a bath on the trade in. It's the only way the dealer can get some margin back. Better to try your local Craig's List or put it out by the road with a for sale sign maybe.
    2. deco dude
      deco dude
      Good morning,

      I am going through the same decision process myself, and had pretty much settled on the BB Lightning, 26 hp LC Kaw with a 60" deck as well. The local dealer says he has one of those which he doesn't want to carry over the winter. Consequently, he is willing to come down from the 8K MSRP to $7500. I am trying to get him to give me a tradein price on a cadet z-force. This is a ridiculous overkill mower for my suburban one acre of lawn, but I just want a lifetime mower that will perform with ease, comfort and reliability. I must be a mower junkie.

      What I'm getting at is that I would appreciate if you copy the information about your deal to me.

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