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    1. conn0r33
      The reason I was looking to upgrade is because the back drive wheels on the SR4 break off at least once a year and it gets really annoying because one is an older model and I have to wait for it. The self propelled cable also snaps a lot. I was told by my dealer that the wheels on the timemaster are completely different so they should not break or way less often at least. So basically I am trying to upgrade to a heavier duty mower. I am currently considering the Toro Timemaster, the Snapper Pro SW something, and the Scag Floating deck Hydro-Drive. Just wondering if you can give me any advice.
    2. conn0r33
      Hi OakNut,
      I have been reading an old thread started by you talking about the Toro Timemaster. I am considering getting two this year. I currently run two Toro SR4s with my brother. I'm just wondering if you still recommend it. I was told that larger commercial walk behinds won't mulch any better than a push mower, so I started looking at the TimeMaster as an upgrade from my current mowers. I made almost $14,000 last year and I was considering getting a Snapper Pro SW35 or whatever the name is. I can't remember off hand. I wanted a larger commercial walk behind like a 36" so that I can add a sulky so I don't have to walk all the time. I could only afford one considering that they are around $4,300 and I don't want to spend over $8,000. If I run two Timemasters at the same time I'm running 60" where I would be running less with only one commercial walk behind, but with a sulky I can mow faster because I won't get tired and walk slower like I would behind the timemaster.
    3. OakNut
      I'm not sure how to reply to visitor messages.
      I can't get to my mower to measure it at the moment.
      I had posted a pic somewhere with a tape measure across it noting the actual width, but can not find it anywhere.
    4. johnnyhd
      Hi Oaknut,

      Any chance you could measure the dimensions of the timemaster if you have an opportunity? Can't find them anywhere online. I'm buying one and need to buy a cargo carrier so I want to ensure I buy one wide enough.

      Thank You
    5. Peter120
      Any interest in demoing the DEWALT 40V? If so, E-mail me at Tyler.Delin@sbdinc.com.
    6. OakNut
      Sorry, there's no notification for these Visitor Messages so I didn't see this until 11pm.
      No idea how she's paying. If I did it, she's have to send me a check, as I don't currently accept credit cards.
      I'm not posting the address here. I'll try and get you info tomorrow, but I need to get my wife to an appointment in the am and my day will be hectic, so I hope I don't forget.
    7. lawn&snowPGH
      412 -452-0349 how s she paying
    8. WolfLand
      Good day sir. I was wondering if you could help me out? I had seen in a post that you use a cargo carrier for your city days and that you found one for the Timemaster for under 200. Did you buy it? Would you be able to send a link. I am having a hard time finding one big enough for under 400. Thanks. Really appreciate your review on the Timemaster.
    9. Mayers
      Hey I saw your posting about a car wash in Wilkinsburg, I think I know that one you are talking about. It's on Penn Ave and Swissvale? It's very close to where I'm located only about an 8 min drive. If you are still looking to pass this account on, you can contact me at greenspanlawncarellc@live.com
    10. Alf1096
      I see you are a graphics designer. What would you charge to do a logo.
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