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Mar 7, 2016
Apr 8, 2007
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Fenton Michigan

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LawnSite Fanatic, from Fenton Michigan

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Mar 7, 2016
    1. Andersenlawnservice
      Hey man i was wanting to ask you a question, I just moved to MI from NC and have a question about what kind of seeds do you guys use up here, and how much is the going price to aerate a yard? I have been doing this in the south for a while and have been wanting to start a company here, thanks for any help i can get
    2. Chris-s
      Hi, to answer your question on my thread: mail me (csleurink@dairytuner.com) for info. I want to keep in line with the forum policy on advertising ;)
    3. forman
      Sorry, it took a few days to respond, we are having storm after storm, just had 10 in. then 3 , tomorrow 3 again plus all on the ground already. We are up to 4, 5 ft in spots. Running out of room. Small storms but a big pain in the butt. I love snow, teach skiing but I have been plowing for 40 years, BLOOD MONEY. What do you do now and it looks like you are in Alaska?
    4. MACH
      If current buyer of scag mowers backs out. Let me know. I am interested in all four.
    5. Dire4321
      hi was wandering about the enclosed traiiler you talk about selling on a post do you still have it if so text me pic with cost please thank you very much 7634772371
    6. chevytruckguy78
      trying to contact u about that chute with 7 in outlet
    7. P.Services
      sarcasm dummy
    8. jackson750
      You texted me and told me to!
    9. P.Services
      I dont come on your FB and clutter it up with stupid **** so dont come on my LS and clutter it up either!!
    10. jackson750
      NO! I'm going to keep bothering you until you call me! I seriously need to talk to you.
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