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    1. INOV8TN
      Hi - Noticed that you were able to help another member with a B&S 9D902 2005 B2 engine and I am hoping that you will be willing/able to give me some help.

      I took my g/f's apart because it wouldn't start.

      So far I have drained the gas tank then 2X filled it 1/2 with small decorative rocks and new fuel and shook it for about 10 min and dumped and saved the dirty gas and sediment. Second dump although not perfect seemed like it would be servicable.

      I've removed the fuel pickup screen and blown it out.

      I'm not sure about the springs on the throttle system. They seem to have been 'adjusted' by someone else (no logic to the locations).

      The diaphram seems stretched but intact.

      Now the primer seems to not stick and the plug no longer fouls from a couple of pulls although it is wet.

      There is spark (orange) across a 0.060" tester. Plug is gapped at 0.030".

      I removed the magneto to visually inspect it. There was a little rust on the poles and the trigger button. I sanded all three lightly. The resistance (plug clip-ground terminal is 2.624 MegOhm.
      What air gap should I use for remounting the magneto?

      What am I overlooking?

      Thanks in advance.

      - Bill
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