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    1. rosenbaumd
      The truck we bought to replace this truck we got from Ohio and had it trucked out here. We paid $700 for the trucking company to pick the truck up and bring it back. It was well worth the cost rather then having to fly out there and to drive back. With the cost of the plane ticket and the cost of fuel it was a no brainer. Once the trucking was set up they picked it up on Wednesday and delivered the truck on Friday. Thanks
    2. zspeed130
      I have a lot of body work stuff left. Send me a pic of your damage.

      I did not want my question to sound like I expected help. Not looking to wear you out with questions. I dealt with some nimble will this year at a premium account and it has really kicked my ass. If somebody who knew something worked at my supplier I might have got it taken care of in spring! Just maybe a question like that sometimes.

    3. zspeed130
      Hey phillie. Met you at the JD irrigation class. Good to see you on here. I may have a spray question from time to time if your ok with it. Not sure what I may be able to help you with. Worked on Vehicles for about 10 years. Mostly paint and body but lots of suspension. Some enging work. Lots of welding and fab.

    4. Wiedmann
      hey seen you had posted about growing your business fast off of post cards and door hangers. Was curious what kind of offers you put on your hangers or postcards to get people to call you over other companies that were previously in the areas you marketed. thanks!
    5. KellyGreens
      Hey, Responding to your interest in squirt and fert. I have been doing the landscape thing for years parttime but just going into my 2nd fulltime. Little rough start last year but stayin positive. Fyi I am in Hamilton county(Mainly Noblesville and Carmel), I have 2 that I could hand you as sub with more possible just never really tried to sell them. Also do you do large accounts, might have 4acre in Franklin,In Thanks for you time. Kelly
    6. M & MD Lawn
      M & MD Lawn
      O and nevermind the truck, I just noticed there was a TG next to devil lmao
    7. M & MD Lawn
      M & MD Lawn
      Thanks Man, what truck did you drive, I'm good at remembering those lol and thanks, I work hard at keeping it looking good, we have irrigation (thank goodness, best investment) and yes you are correct that most in here dont water, most of my customers in here do, well my regulars anyway. As for operation its myself and my dad, my brother and another guy i bring in on our big jobs like landscapes, but dont get me wrong I have had to run solo a many a time. We service about 40 - 50 accounts one of those being commercial, hoping to add more commercial this coming season, got 1, now for about 3 or more!............Whats your current rig look like, might have seen ya around?
    8. M & MD Lawn
      M & MD Lawn
      I'm doing good, kinda broke since the new purchase lol and Im not doing snow because of school, but Im from north indy, 71st and michigan road area, but I serve all of Indy and Im full service, well minus snow for the moment lol
    9. M & MD Lawn
      M & MD Lawn
      Just wanted to stop by and say hi to another indy guy, seem we are few on lawnsite
    10. JayD
      Yes, we do both commercial and residential. I use exmark mowers. I started my business in 07 but was only doing part time so to speak. I have or had a full time job as an electrician for the union but this past November got laid off and thework outlook is so bad they tell us it would be over a year before I get out to work. So this year I plan on going full time in lawn care and build it up and who knows, I might just stay here if it works out good. I am tierd of all the crap I have to put up with in the electrical. I like being my own boss LOL...Yes, I can take on as much as I can get infact I am spending a lot of money this spring on adervitising in three news papers, door hangers, web page, and on and on. Right now I have around 20 accounts. I have no problem being sub out for your commercial's and vicsa versa. no problem for with questions, ask away.
      So you said something about you have been working for another company, who do/did you work for? What side of town are you on and what areas do you work in? What kind of equipment do you have.
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