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Mar 6, 2013
    1. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      Hey Mark,
      Just wanted to touch base with a few friends here on lawnsite.
      Things are going pretty good. How's things going for you? Are you ready for the season to start? No snow this year so I am getting aintsy for things to get rolling. We got our taxes done and came out OK. Mainly due to our extreme medical costs!! (son is diabetic and my wife, daughter and I had some issues this year) I will have just enough capital to get things rolling. I think if you can muster 20 accounts this season you will find that is a lot of work along side your current job. I did it for my first three seasons 40 hrs. at one job and 20 or so accounts lawn work. Of coures my wife works full tiime also. Now this is all I do and I only take on about 40 max. Solo
      I hope that you don't have to work so much with a new born on the way. It can be real trying on you and your loved ones and you two deserve to enjoy the baby. Take care till next time , David
    2. Pilot
      Sorry If my message is so bland, I had to remove 800 charactures, apparently I'm limited to 1000

    3. Pilot
      Hello David,

      Thanks for the invite and offer!

      I too am getting up there in age (45 in March) I currently fly full time for a Delta connection regional airline, we have taken some pretty hard concessions and like you with the increase in health care, our first baby on the way (due at the end of june) at which time my wife will be leaving her job at the bank to raise our child.

      My plan is to stay somewhat small (30-40 Max) Sole operator for several reasons. First, Comp. insurance is through the roof, and second, I just dont trust a crew to give the level of attention I would expect on my own lawn.

      I'm doing my best to start with the equipment I have which for the most part is all residential equipment.
      Bolens 42" rider
      Craftsman 21" walk behind
      Craftsman 3.5 HP edger
      Bolens/Ryobi 17" line trimmer
      Handheld gas blower
      My 2 place snowmobile trailer
      and a 2008 Lincoln MKZ

      Id love to hear more about your business and the good/bad, do's and dont's
    4. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      I am glad to see you taking the initiative to work hard for your family. I found that I had to start my lawn service up about 6yrs ago due to our increase of medical cost that have double, tripled even quadrupled in cost. I wanted to retire from my full-time job at fifty and when I was 47 I found our backs where against the wall financially. So I was working full time from 2:30am.-11:00am. Turning around and servicing 20 plus accounts a week/4 days, 5th for odd jobs.

      You know I could go on and on with advice but I am sure you are intelligent enough to get started. I would be happy to share some of my insights on what I feel I did right and thing I defiantly did wrong.

      I don't know if the site still requires X amount of posts before you can p.m. someone (when you can) and if you want to discuss anything privately so that people who just want to bash others won’t be able to, and we can chat about the Biz. Later, David
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