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Jul 21, 2016 at 12:40 AM
May 14, 2008
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LawnSite Silver Member, from Buda,Texas

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Jul 21, 2016 at 12:40 AM
    1. Texas LawnSense
      Texas LawnSense
      Hi David -
      My name is Chris Sypniewski. I am starting up a lawn maintenance business in Georgetown called Texas LawnSense. Do you have some time for me to buy you some coffee, get to know each other and pick your brain about what's working for you in terms of hiring, productivity, marketing?
      Thanks for any time you can provide.
    2. PlantscapeSolutions
      My engine was fine. We let it get low on oil once and we only got about 1200 hours out of it. I replaced the engine and all is fine. If not for the mess up on my part I'm sure it would have run even longer.
    3. Ijustwantausername
      Plantscape, what engine do you have on your Scag v-ride 36? I have the opportunity to buy 2 but they have the FX600V, and after doing a little research they have problems. What is your experience with them or your engine? Thanks
    4. Chris J
      Chris J
      I don't know if you were aware of this but I thought you might like to know that your company was mentioned on Goselin's website.

      There are only a few AOLP member companies in the Austin area. There is Texas Outdoor Lighting, Plantscape Solutions, and NightScenes Landscape Lighting Professionals. In this group of members, only NightScenes actually has AOLP certified technicians on staff — and we have two of them.
      You have to ask yourself: If a company will misrepresent themselves about matters like this – their education and certification — can they really be trusted to deliver the products and services they are advertising? After a little research I discovered that the owner of the lighting company also has a lawn care service called Sublime Lawn and you can find his reviews on Yelp. OUCH!
    5. PlantscapeSolutions
      It's probably a newer 36 that comes with the wider tires. The newer version does not have the small operator platform extension that can be removed. I would remove the giant pad. It will allow you to stand further ahead on the mower and make it better for hill climbs and weight distribution.
    6. bschro2
      Good to know, and thank you for your help. I just picked up the mower and as luck would have it, he's got 8.5 tires on it already so he saved that part of the job for me.
    7. PlantscapeSolutions
      Rutting is the main thing it will help with. You can also remove the weight plates under the front deck, the big rider pad, and the small folding rider platform. This lighten the mower by at least 80 pounds. It will handle crossing hills better as well.
    8. bschro2
      Ok thanks very much, sounds like it will help with stability as well as turf tear.
    9. PlantscapeSolutions
      I think the OEM tires were 6.5 and I went to 8.5. My guys are out with the mower right now. The OEM Turf Tamers were good tires and the size may vary slightly. The next size up OEM tires were a perfect fit with no room to spare. You will have to grind down the large bolt heads behind the tire by about 50%. The bigger tires made a big difference on the 36.
    10. bschro2
      I came across your thread about the 36" V-ride tires, I'm about to pick up a lightly used one from a friend and immediately noticed it needs new tires. Instead of getting the factory tires, I was going to implement your idea and go ahead with a little wider of a tire. I went to smalltires.com and am looking at the Kenda 500 SuperTurf 18-8.5-8 (4 or 6 ply?) and the Kenda K367 GrassHopper 18-8.5-8 (only comes in 2 and 4 ply). Do you by chance remember exactly which tires you went with? Thanks for your help!

      - Brian
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    If anyone has any questions you can email me at david@plantscapesolutions.net or call me at 512-626-8400.


    Market- Austin Texas Area
    Employees- 3
    Sales $430K+
    Owner- David

    Services-AutoCAD Landscape Design & Install, Maintenance, Landscape Lighting, HD Holiday Lighting, Masonry (Stone, Block, Brick, and Stucco), & Arborist Work

    Accreditations & Memberships- BBB, AOLP, NALP, TNLA, TPCL 611373, & Class 1 Nurserymen.

    Market Niche- High end residential.