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Aug 20, 2015
May 19, 2007
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Toronto, Ontario

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Aug 20, 2015
    1. slicknick
      how did you make 100,000 at that age?! Im serious I could really use a tip or 2, i just turned 18
    2. etwman
      I usually don't mettle in this mess, but there's alot more to this C&G / Andrew mess than has surfaced on this site. Chris continues to do unethical things with the liquidation of his assets, I do know that for a fact. He's stuck vendors for well over $100k and hasn't been honest with them. The list of judgements is a mile long. And now that Andrew (who is the king of search engines on his computer) has figured it out, he has no remorse. Its understandable that a company can go under, that's fine, but honesty and ethicalness doesn't cost anything and that's what is fueling Andrew.

      So, while not taking sides publicly I can read between the lines on this whole mess. From someone like you, who may not know the details, I can see your frustration, but it is what it is I suppose.

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    17 years old, started when I could barely lift a block lol