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Apr 6, 2013
    1. PremierCrew2
      I would have to say the the new exmark, the next generation, is one of the best mowers all around. Its only downfall is that it doesn't cut wet grass that well. We usually end up double cutting most stuff if it's wet. The Scag has been a great mower, haven't had any issues really with it, its hydros are a little harder to push, but it makes it a little easier to not tear up the grass so much when you turn around. The only querk with it is the deck is a lot longer than the exmark so you have to ride the deck with the foot pedal to keep from scalping. I should mention the new exmark is on of the best mowers I have used for hills it really can hold it's line. As for which one I would choose if I had to I would say the exmark, but I would suggest driving both and seeing if you have a preference for the feel.
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    Gainesville, Fl 32608
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    1996 Ford F-150 4.9L
    7x12 Open Trailer
    Exmark 36" TTHP
    Stihl FS 90 String Trimmer
    Stihl HL 100 Hedge Trimmer
    Stihl BR 400 Backpack Blower
    Echo Edger

    State Pest Control License
    Aquatic Pest Control Endorsement