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Apr 27, 2016
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Apr 27, 2016
    1. PR0 TURF
      PR0 TURF
      Hey buddy all is well here at Pro-Turf. Just grinding away like everyone else. I haven't been on here for almost a year. I am going to upload a few pics this afternoon. Thanks for the reminder!
    2. kawasaki guy
      kawasaki guy
      How is business PR0 TURF? Found your equipment thread today searching for something else, and was curious.
    3. Gallagher Co.
      Gallagher Co.
      Hi Pro Turf, my name is Brett and I am from Lowell Ma. I've been on this site for a couple months now and its got me wanting to start up a small solo operation. Around 10-20 lawns. I am a college student at Wentworth Institute of Technology and one f the main reasons for wanting to start general lawn services is to pay off college. I passed out some flyers to people in my neighborhood right before the last snow storm we got and I didn't hear from any of them. I know the competition is pretty tough around here with all the other big companies. It doesn't help that I don't have to much experience doing lawns besides my parents house, but I am a hard working kid and love to do manual labor. so my question to is should I even try getting a business going or is there to much competition? Any help from you would be greatly appreciated!

      Kind Regards,
    4. PR0 TURF
      PR0 TURF
      GreenAsItGets....thanks for the kudos....we use Service Auto Piolt. It's a pretty good software and meets most of our needs. It's not perfect but definitely suits us well.
    5. GreenAsItGets
      Hey Pro Turf- love the organization shown and the strive for processes, do u use or can recommend a business management software? Thx- we are Fontaine Landscaping in Cary, NC
    6. wolfmobile8
      Hey pro turf man you have nice equipment and trucks. I live in MA not to far from the NH boarder and have seen your lodaers up in Nashua in the winter. I like all your trucks. I like that they are all decked out with tons of led running lights and strobes and of course fisher plows haha. I saw your snow vid on youtube. Not sure if your joined over on plowsite but great site ive got tons of pics over there of my rig which is a 2002 2500hd dmax with an 8ft fisher ss xblade.

    7. tyjohnso
      hey man, did you make the storage for your irrigation trailer? i am in process of getting my box truck rigged up... if so could you email me.
      hope you have the size and stuff of the bins. thanks tyler
    8. Matt DaPra
      Matt DaPra
      Thank you so much this will help me out a lot! Good luck on this up coming season and keep up the good work!
    9. PR0 TURF
      PR0 TURF

      Our core business...we are a landscape & snow contractor serving both commercial & residential clients in MA & NH. We provide the following services: Property maintenance, hydroseeding, irrigation, bark mulch blowing, small excavation work & commercial snow & ice management.

      We have 7 permanent employees & approximately 8 additional seasonal employees. The seasonal employees vary throughout the year depending upon the workload etc.

      We are an LLC.

      We are entering our 11th year of business.

      Our service area for the majority of our work is approximately a 20 mile radius from our shop. We have traveled further for certain jobs.

      3 main challenges:

      # 1... Handling the growth of the business. That brings many challenges. Having to create & implement systems & procedures for everything we do. It is a constant work in progress. Making decisions on what we need for equipment & manpower to grow at a controlled rate & still be profitable. How to stay organized in all aspects of the business, record keeping, human resources, job site efficiency etc. There are quite a few more challenges we face while trying to grow...but those are a few for now.

      2nd challenge...finding & retaining good help. This is a tough line of work. Long days, outside in extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, mud...we have to deal with it all. It is not easy finding guys that are willing to deal with that on a regular basis.

      #3...trying to differentiate our business from the competition. There are TONS of landscapers of all shapes & sizes out there. It is a very easy entry type of business, anyone can become a landscaper for a very small investment. We are constantly trying to think of ways to stand out & be better than our competition. We are always thinking that it is all of the small things that add up to being better, not just one big thing. It's not easy trying to stay a step ahead of the competition, but it is fun trying.

      That's all I have for you for now...if you need anything else let me know.

      Good luck! :weightlifter:
    10. Matt DaPra
      Matt DaPra
      Okay so for one of my classes, Turf & Landscape Business Operations we have to contact a company that we look up to and ask them if they wouldnt mind answering a few questions. I just recently joined lawnsite and have checked out many peoples work. You guys do awesome work so I thought I would asked you. You do not have to answer these questions but it was be greatly appreciated if you did. I know this is kind of last minute but its due Friday but 11pm so if you get this in time and are willing to answer them then great! Otherwise no worries. So here are the questions.

      Contact an employer and create a profile by asking the following questions:

      1. How would you describe your core business?

      2. How many permanent employees do you have and how many seasonal or temporary employees?

      3. What is the legal structure of your business (i.e. sole proprietor, partnership, S Corp, etc.)?

      4. How many years have you been in business?

      5. How large is your service area?

      6. What are 3 main challenges you face in running your business?

      Thanks for your time.
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    My main interests besides working are trying to have a balance between work & a social life, to avoid getting burnt out at a young age. Chase girls on the weekends with my buddies, go to country concerts all summer & travel a little bit here & there