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    1. cpllawncare
      BWI is in greer but I have to go through him, he gets any overstock and damaged bags for almost nothing and lets me have them at wholesale or below, it's a inside deal between him and his boss so I thought if I could help out some of the local guys I would I just bought 5 50lb bags of snapshot for $25/bag he can get basically anything they have I bought a chapin backpack sprayer for $10 brand new in the box, if your interested give me a call 864 908-8212
    2. cpllawncare
      This is Craig Leffew with CPL Landscaping do you have a good supplier for your fertilizer, seed and stuff? I met a guy that works at BWI and can get about anything you need at wholesale or less.
    3. cpllawncare
      I own CPL Landscaping, do you own your company or someone else.
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