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Premier landscaping south
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Feb 8, 2012
Apr 2, 2009
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Premier landscaping south

LawnSite Senior Member, from Upstate,sc

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Feb 8, 2012
    1. Premier landscaping south
      Premier landscaping south
      I'm thinking around 1,800. been a few years and without searching for paper work i think that is close. Hauls 7k pounds. I really like the taller sides. I I can hual 7 yards of mulch and lot of clean-up work.
    2. Greenlandscaping
      I am looking at a bigger trailer for next year what does the double axles run you?
    3. mikhailslawnservice

      Thanks so for writing back. It's always good to be in contact with someone in the industry and who is close by. Man, that really sucks about the Walker. And, I know what you mean about the bottom falling out. I don't know what happened last year, like the from August til the end of the year, it was dead. My second year was actually very good, considering, but I think that was due to a little more word of mouth and taking on some bigger jobs that were pretty tough. Now, I am still doing it part time and working a full time job, which also limits what I am able to take on. I plan on trying to get another guy or two to help me out, that way I can take on more yards and not have to work as hard or as much. I am still only doing residential. Do you have any advice on getting commercial accounts? Or is it really worth it?
      I am printing up some flyers soon, hoping that will help drum up a little more business.

      Thanks again for writing and hopefully we can continue bouncing ideas off each other.

      Also, I am not aware of anyone with a leaf loader or anything like that, but I will try and search through my contacts and see if I come up with anything else.

      Thanks again, and best of luck this year. Keep your head up and you will make it happen!

    4. Premier landscaping south
      Premier landscaping south
      hey mik,

      Good to hear from you. Doing leaf clean ups now. I have only done maybe 4 or five sizable leaf jobs so far. Slow over the holidays but have pick up good last few days. I have 3 leaf jobs lined up right now. All due to postcards with $25 off leaf clean up promotion.

      My year was not what I expected. Some growth at spring and then the bottom droped out in September and October when I had about 6 people pull the rug out from under me. Gave them 12 months to pay and the payments stopped when I stopped showing up every week due to grass not growing. I now have contracts and every new client will be signing one. So the last few months have been really tough. It has taken away from the holidays this year. It sucks when you can't provide for your family want you want to.
      Things are looking up though. I have 5 new full maintenance accounts ready to start in March and a nice retaining wall to do in March so that will be a good shot in the arm come spring. Oh yeah my walker blew up on my as well.
      Walker is under a tarp behind dealer and is awaiting my go ahed once I can come up with 800 to fix. Oil pick up tube broke off inside 20hp Kohler and wiped out rods and crank quick.
      My head is still up high and I will make this work. I believe this will be the year that will make or break me. I can not take another year like this one. so I will have to get with it. Becoming a salesman is something I have been forced to learn. It is slowly paying of.
      I am all residential with one dentist office.

      How was your 2nd year? Do any advertising? I tried the 1 800 mow my lawn on my truck and handed out 5,000 postcards to with about 2 calls all spring from that service. That was a big waste of time and money for me.

    5. mikhailslawnservice
      Hey Premier,
      I was just looking through my messages and noticed we talked almost this same time last year. How did your first year, going full time work out? I'm going on year 3 and hoping to make it great this year. I'm probably going to start in about a month or so and do some more leaf clean up, then hit it hard. I'm trying to work on getting some small businesses, have you had any luck with that, or are you strictly residential? Look forward to hearing from you.
    6. jcal0914
      Hello Premier. I am moving into Anderson soon. Thinking of doing mowing, lawn maintenance, and small hardscapes. Is this time of the year a good time to start. Any suggestions about starting this time of year. Any other insight would b much help. Thank you
    7. Premier landscaping south
    8. DCJ Lawn
      DCJ Lawn
      Do you still have mower?
    9. impulse2010
      oh i wasnt wanting to spend more then $2000 on a new mower, i will have to think on it.
    10. howierd3866
      Sorry read this while back when I was busy and forgot to reply. Yes pretty much know all the family went to school with some
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