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Jul 2, 2011
    1. pt03
      Hi Jeff

      We actually tried it out yesterday but the compost is still quite frozen. We had to increase the angle a bit but until we can get a drier, looser product we are going to have to wait a bit.

      We can park a trailer under the screen and deflect the overs off to the side, that worked quite well. Ran into problems with wind though, it tended to blow the sifted stuff around a bit. Will have to wait for a less windy day.

    2. marquis de sod
      marquis de sod
      Have you had a chance to test the flat bed vibrating screener yet? I built a concrete screed from a tv tower, some metal 2x6 and a half inch axle with welded- on chunks to unbalance the spin. It settled concrete just fine. Will the compost "walk" down the bed and still settle out all the fines? Could you just suspend the whole thing from chains, possibly setting it up to pull a trailer under the bed and dump the chunks off to the side? and save a loading step? I do like the idea of the leaf springs. Do they enhance vibration? Thanks for any answers you have, you do very nice work.
      Jeff Moore
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