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Apr 24, 2016
    1. RNRLandscapes
      I saw you used to have a country mfg. aerator and was curious how that worked for you? I know it was a couple years ago but any info you can remember would be great. We are looking at purchasing one for the front of a gravely 152z for a larger commercial account (appx 3 acres). Would this work or am I better getting a tow behind unit? We have walk behind ones for smaller yards. Thanks for any input you can give me and have a great season.
    2. PTSolutions
      The build quality of the boss plows are great. We have not had any major issues with them so far. Typical things like solenoids, wing return springs have been replaced. We had to do a few plow motors this year, but after 5 years, thats almost expected. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the big three mfg's though like western, fisher or boss.
    3. Hegartydirtwork
      How has your pro v held up? I am looking into buying one this spring and any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
    4. cole32
      Those are some sweet fords you have. How do you like those Boss plows?
    5. deere615
      HAHA thats awesome me and jeremy were sitting right there inside the barriers since my buddy was pulling all of us and his friends were standing right there
    6. PTSolutions
      Brad we were seriously about 15ft away from eachother during that pull lmao. great pull i have video of them pulling also
    7. deere615
      Bradley Bosetti dude thats gunna be sick if you guys pull, I will have to take a video of it check out one I took from saturday of my buddy in the 7.3 he was in the compition you might have seen him if you guys were watching pulls. He got knocked out in the second round by the 6.4 though last year he took second place ya man add me on facebook
    8. deere615
      Hey Protouch I saw your gray truck at yankee this weekend, I was looking around for someone in one of you shirts or even someone hanging around the truck and never saw anyone
    9. lawnsaspire
      Would you mind answering a few questions about your pro-v?
      What are your likes and dislikes? How does it do in wet or damp conditions?
      Is it hard to get used to after using pistol grips?
      I really like what I see but I'm trying to do a little more research first.
      Thanks for any input.
    10. KPW LawnCare
      KPW LawnCare
      i just found the logo the internet haha
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