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Jul 14, 2016
Jun 27, 2006
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Jul 14, 2016
    1. wdrdoctor
      Pugs, Do you own a new wright zto ?
    2. garyslawn
      Pugs: Thank you for the info on Wright Sentar; The pump has the newer control piece on it. Do pumps wear out and slow down? I thought they just quit. I have had 25 hydros and never had pump problems. Thanks Gary
    3. nwtf5
      Hi Pugs im hopeing you can help me with a toro ccr2000 snowblower,the problem is the ignition module a 1" by 1 1/2 brass colored box mounted underneath motor. I just recieved a stens mega fire II , and want to bypass this box. the installation instructions are not the best.currently there is a 1 wire hookup to the original module.can the stens be hooked up same way or do i need to remove motor cover and clip wires to make work.Also do you know if this would be a negative ground or positive ground, the pic shows both ???? Any help would be appreciated ( thanking you in advance)........ Mike
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