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    1. PLS-Tx
      That's good to know, we put solid tires on our Dixie Chopper's and they will beat your brains out even with the springer forks and suspension seat. This am when we were changing blades we put the air tires back on the Dixie that I use, much better my back did not hurt as much today. Wow, 5 acre lots that's great.
    2. PLS-Tx
      You mentioned you have the no flat tires on your Ferris, did it change the ride any or do you even notice it with the suspension? Also what size lawns are you cutting with your 1500? Thanks
    3. PLS-Tx
      Wow, you got a deal, good to know that your Ferris is holding up that well. My dealer has a is2000 for $8550, I may go that route not sure yet. Some of our lawns are about an acre, I agree that the 3100 may be overkill but everyone keeps sayin how the 3100 is built better. I guess I will make up mind one day. :dizzy::laugh:
    4. PLS-Tx
      That was a lot of reading. lol How long have you had your 1500 and about how many hours? I'm concerned about the extra weight of the 3100, we get a lot of rain here at times, like this week from a tropical storm in the gulf. Thanks for the info
    5. punt66
      I just read the entire thread. I will tell you this. Based on what you said you mow a 3100 is overkill. My 1500 with a 52"deck and the big block would be a perfect machine for you. Its tire stance is a little smaller then the 2000 and gets into everywhere, even some gates. If you were mowing many hills then the 3100 with its big stance is the ticket. But your doing postage stamp flat lawns. I put my 1500 on EVERYTHING. Hills, tight spots, i bag with it, i dethatch with it. My next mower will be another 1500. It just makes sense. It just depends on what your cutting.
    6. PLS-Tx
      Hope you enjoyed your trip, how was the fishing???

      You mentioned the wheel motors and pumps are the same, is that on the is2000 and is3100 also? I'm having a hard time deciding between these two. Here is a rather long thread I started about them, not sure if you have seen it. http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=326468
    7. PLS-Tx
      Man that's great, hope you have a great time and catch lots of fish. Thanks for the info on the Ferris. I'm planning to demo one, waiting on the dealer to get it in, should be here week after next. I was hoping to take off Mon. and fish but they are predicting more rain here mid week.
    8. PLS-Tx
      Hey how you feeling??

      I'm thinking about changing to Ferris, wondering what you can tell me about them? What model do you have? I'm looking at the 2000 or 3100. A local dealer has a 2000 with 30hp Big Block with suspension seat for $8900.
    9. Kustom Kutz
      Kustom Kutz
      In one of your pics their is a long wheel base dodge with a dump bed on it. I see alot of people using them in pics on here, but have never seen any where I am from. What is it? How much $$ and what is capacity
    10. ulpaul

      Not quite sure how to PM you, but thanks for the advice on the IS1500Z. I went and checked it out, looked very good and I had been mistaken with the hours. I had 480 hours instead of 985. The PTO clutch was recently replaced everything else is original.

      Thanks again,
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