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    1. SigiloFleet

      I work for a company by the name of ETS (Equipment Tracking Solutions). So sorry to hear about your trailer! I thought I'd share some helpful information with you...

      We have a GPS program that is "Pay as you use", no contract, no monthly fee's, and the trackers are only $90. It's called Senal Geo Tracking, if you have an Android device we're in the Google Play Store as well.

      We also have a fleet management division, called Sigilo Fleet Management. This one is also an app and can be found on the Google Play Store, this one holds all the data for your equipment (make, model, serial, repairs, scheduled maintenance, etc.) I'm not sure how large your company is but the Free version holds data for up to 5pcs of equipment.

      I hope they find your equipment soon, best of luck to you.
    2. jauto98
      Thanks for the input. I like the idea of the Exmark 30 for time saving, but I really like the controls on the Honda, the smaller deck to prevent scalping and the performance cutting on hills. Guess the only thing I really save with the Exmark is the larger cutting path. As a homeowner, I don't see myself using a walk-behind such as an Exmark Turf Tracer (would be nice). Think the best option is keep using my Honda.
    3. jauto98
      Was reading some threads regarding the Exmark 30 and was wondering if you could help me out. I currently mow thick emerald zoysia grass in Georgia with a Honda HRC 216 self-propelled mower. Best mower I have owned so far, but occasionally, the Honda bogs down in some thick patches. The mower is set to cut at 2.5 inches and I bag most of the time. Would you see any benefit in mowing performance switching to an Exmark 30 or just continue with the Honda. The lawn has hills, but the Honda performs well for my needs with the exception of hitting some thick patches. Thanks for your time.
    4. rbljack
      The Exmark 30 has been doing a decent job at mulching thick st Augustine so far. I don't use the mulching accessory, and only use the plug in the back when not bagging, so there is a bit of clumping, but not terribly bad. whenever I see any clumps, those are quickly dispersed with the back pack blower afterwards. The 30 has experienced a few problems which are listed in the LONG post called "pulled the trigger, Exmark 30" or something like that which is a post I started right after buying the exmark.

      HOWEVER, I still feel its worth every penny! Its a time saver when used as a primary mower vs a 21 inch mower. IVe mowed VERY thick St Augustine with the exmark 30 at 3.5 inches, and have also mowed the same lawn at 2.5 inches because she asked that I lowered it. At both heights, the mower did well, and with sharp blades does well. If the blades start getting dull, you will start seeing "stragglers" of tall blades of brass left behind and uncut.

      Hope this helps.
    5. Shenandoah75
      Hey saw your input on the Honda hrc vs Exmark 30 post earlier this year. Wondering how you feel now that the st Augustine lawns are in full swing? I mow mine twice a week and keep it fairly high. Still happy with the 30? You mulch primarily (mulching is important to me )

      Thx in advance
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    Equipment Stolen/ Please Help and watch for:
    6.5x12 Dual Ramp Trailer with 3 place trimmer rack and two blower racks
    2012 21" Honda HRC-216 mower
    2013 Exmark Commercial 30
    2014 Exmark Lazer Z S Series EFI 52
    2008 Stihl FS250R Trimmer
    2010 Stihl FS90R Trimmer
    200? Stihl FC75 Edger
    2014 Stihl KM130R edger and trimmer shafts

    2013 Stihl BR600 Backpack blower