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Real Green
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Oct 7, 2013
May 30, 2007
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Real Green

LawnSite Senior Member, from Delaware

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Oct 7, 2013
    1. smartchoice
      Matt -- I saw the pics f your carrier for your T3000. We may be purchasing a zspray jr and would like to carry it behind our E-350. Who do I talk to abt getting a similar hitch? I'm in the Pittsburgh area. Did you say it only $400?!?!

      Also - you said you prefer the T3000 -- why? How about a Permagreen. I've pushed for years and have never used a ride on -- but its time.

      Thanks so much for your help!!

      -- mike
    2. Madddog6993
      Those pics of your T3000 and carrier are quite impresive I am leaning towards buying a Turfco do you think a E-350 extended van could carry that rack setup? Thanks in advance.
      Jerry Fuller
      Fuller Green
    3. Votum Gardens LLC
      Votum Gardens LLC
      I am very impressed with your and your brother's business. I was just wondering what you guys use for communication with your crews. As an owner who is adding a couple of crews for the year 2009, I'm really curious what others use.

      Thank You,
      Phill Suchman
      Votum Gardens LLC
    4. turf hokie
      turf hokie
      Would like to take you up on the offer for the t3000 demo if you are still willing. Maybe in the new year after lighting season has calmed down.
      Please give me a buzz when you get a chance 845-494-3781
    5. nnj18
      hey man im interested in that marketing meeting. lmk

      Jared 862.324.6705
      SOUNDS GOOD i would like to have a sit down at some point.
      i know lots would say they will come to a meeting but few will pry show up sad to say.
    7. grassgod
      I saw in one of your pics a pair of shorts in a frame. Was ust wondering if those are mauy thai shorts or what they were. I have been training in mauythai for several years and that caught my eye, lol. Btw great place.
    8. LushGreenLawn
      Hey Matt,

      I saw your post in the Blackberry Thread. I clicked on it thinking it was about cell phones too. I have a Palm Centro, and have gotten pretty fimilier with it. I did some research on different models before I bought mine, so if you have questions about them, let me know.

      Also, my schedule is starting to get a little light, so if you want to hit up lunch sometime, let me know a day thats good for you.
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