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RedMax Man
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Jan 25, 2013
Sep 19, 2006
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Dracut, MA

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RedMax Man

LawnSite Platinum Member, from Dracut, MA

RedMax Man was last seen:
Jan 25, 2013
    1. Z-master man
      Z-master man
      Comeon' man new stuff in the sig, lets see pic's!!!
    2. exmarkmetro
      I am considering buying a BCZ2650T and was wondering if you have had any issues with your Redmax trimmers. Thanks
    3. limas landscape
      limas landscape
      hey quick question for you I am from mass too south shore(taunton) and i cant get my stander to stripe like yours does whats up with that haha what kind of blades you using? I have the hi lift some yards come out good but never stand out like yours....
    4. deerewashed
      heard you been datin mystic's sister....haha
    5. Z-master man
      Z-master man
      How many yards of mulch can you comfortably put in your insert? What size air bags do you have?
    6. RedMax Man
      RedMax Man
      its great. i think its the best dump insert brand on the market. it dumps the highest and is built well. what size truck do you have? works well on a 1ton or larger truck. if u have a 3/4 ton you might was get airbags for the rear so the truck doesnt sag to much. same for a 1ton too if it matters much and depending on how big of a trailer you tow.
    7. 1Buckeye
      I'm interested in buy a dump insert for my truck. How do you like your ez dumper?
    8. polarismalibu
      I was looking at your thread with all your pic's it looks great! How did you afford that stuff being so young?? I'm 18 and starting up after the plowing season so i was curious on how you managed to do that?
    9. RedMax Man
      RedMax Man
      stander is all stock. nothing after market to make it mow better. thanks
    10. duramax0387
      what do you have on your stander to stripe like that? i love your work btw.

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    Dracut, MA
    Services Your Company Provides:
    I'm a licensed and insured landscaping & lawn maintenance co. that is built on the foundations of honesty, dependability and quality.

    Landscaping, Mowing, Plowing, Trucks & Equipment


    F350 Lariat P/U
    F350 XLT P/U
    F450 XLT Dump
    Fisher Xtreme Vees
    22' Enclosed Trailer
    16' Open Trailer
    14' Dump Trailer
    10' Open Trailer
    Redmax 2stroke Equipment
    Walker, Wright Stander, Lesco
    Little Wonder, Stihl, ect. ect.....