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May 24, 2016
    1. rlbbas123
      Restrorob...I have a 2011 Dixie Chopper 2650 that will not start. I have changed the battery, pto switch, ignition switch. I saw some of your other posts and was hoping you may have an idea.
    2. jlbf0786
      Restro, how's it going bud.. I hope you're well.
      I've got an issue with a Kawasaki FH500V (17 horsepower) on a walk behind mower; I cannot get this thing to start up (and the few times it has started) the engine' RPMs are SUPER LOW .. like so low the engine can't run and then dies eventually. The throttle doesn't help whatsoever. IS IT THE GOVERNOR ??
    3. earthmover259
      HI, I am new to this site and havent quite figured it out to this site and cant figure out how to post a question.....I have a 540V in a JD GT262, was running fine and just died...have replaced circuit board\key switch, coil, and spark plug, cleaned magnet on flywheel and checked key in flywheel...spins good but no spark ....whats wrong
    4. EricW
      Hi Rob, I'm new here and am hoping you can help me. I have a 2004 Scag TT with a CH740 Kohler 27 hp and am attempting an engine swap. I've purchased a direct replacement from OPEengines but have hit a snag removing the old one. I'm pretty handy but have never done this before. Do the hydro pumps need to be removed to get the engine out? Also, where would I find torque specs when Installing the new one? Thanks, Eric
    5. mowisme
      Thanks on that info Rob- I'll get what's needed. appreciate your time/effort in this. take care
    6. mowisme
      Rob- I posted bit ago.. But wondering on something else. If I replaced the 16hp Tecumseh (HH160) with a Honda GX620 - Can I still use the original rectifier/reg that was used with the Tecumseh? I know Honda is 20 amp output- But I heard tec could be 10-16 amp output. Will that make a difference as far as rectifier getting more amps fed to it than previous engine? are they rated per max input close to engine used with it? Thanks! Gene
    7. mowisme
      Hi Rob- hope winter was 'easy' on you. I was wondering if you think this issue is a concern: I have a Honda 20hp (GX620) horz. shaft engine. looks to be very clean and not a lot of hours. Was on a log splitter. It fires right up and runs excellent and no signs of leaks. BUT their is at least .020 to .024 end play in crank? No knocking noise when running, runs smooth. Is that end play a big problem? I heard/read somewhere where Honda uses a .001 shim on crank. I suppose could tear all down and add .020 shim but is it worth that if runs good? I don't want to hammer the engine either, but if runs quiet it must not be doing that? It will have a triple pulley on it so several belts aligning it too. Have you ever had a engine with excessive end play? thanks Rob
    8. laman
      How are you. I am having a problem with both hydros leaking not under the mower but on the top part under the seat. Checked lines they are tight. Looks like seep is under plate that is under plate that is held by four small bolts. I have never messed with hydros. How hard would it be to reseal them. How do you get bottom pulleys off to take pump off. Model of the mower is Exmark #LHP23KA505 year 2007. Where would you get a seal kit and any instructions or breakdown of pump would be helpful...Thanks...Allen
    9. Dino615
      Hey Restrorob,
      I received your manual in the mail over the weekend. The manual is incredibly detailed and should help me figure out what my problem. I greatly appreciate it.

      Thank you.
    10. laman
      Hey Rob. I have a Kawasaki FH680v. It is starting to leak a little oil above the electric clutch. I suspect lower seal. I wish this would have happened during winter but it looks like I will be pulling it down this week. Is this normal for a motor with 1000 hrs. If I remember right you used paint as gasket sealant. Any pointers you can give me with this problem will be appreciated. I only want to have to do it once so putting it back together right is important to me. You have also helped me in the past and I really appreciate it. Thanks...
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