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Right Touch
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Apr 19, 2014
Nov 10, 2008
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Right Touch

LawnSite Senior Member, from Hillsborough, NJ

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Apr 19, 2014
    1. Right Touch
      Right Touch
      hey man my email said you replied to me but for some reason i dont see the message in my inbox here. the last thing I sent you was about the snow removal so I didnt get anything you sent back
    2. Right Touch
      Right Touch
      I saw it about 90% complete. it came out real nice. Amwell mall is the one behind the bottle king. We spoke briefly about some snow plowing work. I've only done subcontracting in the past, looking to secure my own site this year. If you hear of anything, feel free to pass on contact information.
    3. S&MLL
      Calling you would of involved me googling your phone number. Amwell mall?? Is that Nelsons corner? Btw I scan these forums every night so I see you posting in the hard scape forum all the time. Did you see the final walkway job?
    4. Right Touch
      Right Touch
      and yes, word of mouth is by far the best form of advertising. We did a patio for a guy last year, then this spring went to his brothers house and did a patio for him, and now his mom even wants work. Advertising only gets you so far because most people that call from that are getting bids. Word of mouth you are pretty much guaranteed the job. Price yourself where you need to be- dont try to rip people off but dont give away your service.
    5. Right Touch
      Right Touch
      well i tell ya man its a long hard road unless you already have connections and alot of money to start with. I know a couple guys who had rich families give them the money to start and also had connections with condo associations and large commercial properties, and it seemed it was real easy for them to be successful. I built from nothing and i cant tell you how many times i think about quitting. But I am almost there, so to quit now after so many years of hard work would be horrible. My advice to you is to present yourself as professionally as possible to your customers and let them know how much it means to you to take care of their property. 95% of the guys out there have no clue how to talk to customers and really dont care about the lawns they cut. Everything from the way you dress, how you act, consistent timing of invoicing- it all adds up so that people will trust you with their work. They see that you are in it to be successful. It does take time though. But once you are ready to take on alot of accounts, spend a few months designing a brochure and pass them out door to door. Make it professional, but personal also. People want a professional company but they dont just want to be a number- they want to know they are cared about. Its a hard balance, but if you can find it, in my opinion, that is why I am successful. (and i knock on wood every day)
    6. coqui landscaping
      coqui landscaping
      hey man i see that you are going in the direction where i want to get to. Hey i was wondering man can you give some advice on when you start how to get those clients i mean everybody here says word of mouth on all taht but you need to have some seeds planted first to get that word of mouth ???
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    The smartest business man is not the one with the biggest business- its the one putting the most $ in his pocket.