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Nov 6, 2010
    1. rjh4758
      First year here in OK. I moved here about a year and a half ago from PA. I had a small operation back there and decided to give it a try here while working around my full time job. Full time job I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday and have the rest of the week off so it leaves lots of time for other stuff.
    2. stew6371
      Cool. I used to come to Davis alot and haul rock out of the quarries there. I will be there in a couple weeks fishing a tournament at Arbuckle. Nice area. How long you been in business?
    3. rjh4758
      I am north of Ardmore near Davis, OK. I am about 1.5 hours south of OKC.
    4. stew6371
      Hey man. I live in central oklahoma BY okc. Where you at?
    5. rjh4758
      I love it. I tow my gear and a 30' travel trailer like it isn't even there. I have a 4X4 Crew Max, 5.7L, TRD off road and tow package. Like 18 miles highway empty 14 with my gear or around town and 10 with the 30' travel trailer. I think the only thing that would out perform it would be maybe a 1 ton diesel.

      Don't jinx yourself like I did. I have a 95 VW Jetta that is my gas saver beater car. Had 145,000 on original clutch. Kept saying I'm waiting for the cluth to go. Well it did but only because I cracked the tranny and gear oil got on the clutch. So new clutch and tranny latter it is on the road again, hopefully for another 145,000.
    6. AngryGoat
      How do you like that Tundra for pulling your gear? I've pulling my stuff with my '02 Tacoma v6 w/ super charger. It does really really well. I say that, then watch the clutch go today.
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