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Jul 23, 2016 at 7:42 AM
Jul 14, 2009
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Fort Wayne, IN

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LawnSite Senior Member, from Fort Wayne, IN

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Jul 23, 2016 at 7:42 AM
    1. Horizon Jay
      Horizon Jay
      Hey Rodney! I was browsing thru posts and I saw that you are from Fort Wayne! Hey me too! Always looking to network with local landscapers. Hope your off to a great spring/freezing/warm start!
    2. RodneyK
      I think Fluid Film only makes the decks slighty easier to clean. You need to reapply it after every scrapping. I do not think it does a great job of preventing build up it just makes cleaning a little easier.

      Using thin coat of motor probably does the same thing. FF is kind of expensive. It is worth it to me but not by much. I guess give it a try. I think if you buy by the case from e-bay is the best price.
    3. 123hotdog
      I have never used fluid film but have heard of it. How good is it and how long does it last? I'm sad to say that I have always bushed a thin film of burnt motor oil on my decks when I sharpen the blades weekly.
    4. snnoopy
      thanks, that's what I needed to know
    5. snnoopy
      I am very interested in the OCDC for the grandstand but I don't know the model number. I have the 48" deck. Can you help me out here? How much did it cost? I can't wait to have it.
    6. boomerbrian
      I read your email to the guy about the 5 logos he wanted feedback on.
      Could I bother you to evaluate mine - the difference, I only have one.

      I don't know how to attach my actual logo here so I will give you my web address. www.thelawnworks.ca

      I appriceate any professional feedback. Thanks, Brian
    7. growearth
      What are your charges for the design... please e-mail me directly @ info@grow-earth.com
    8. growearth
      hey, are you a designer ... thanks for your input on my flier...
    9. Plug It Lawn Aeration
      Plug It Lawn Aeration
      Thanks. I have 40+ jobs lined up. I am starting Friday. Some are scheduled for later in the month. My goal of 100 this fall might happen. It's just the first of Sept. I didn't start getting lots of calls last year until mid-Sept and into the first half of October. I talked to a Verizon Fios employee. He said code is 6 inches in the ground minimum for the lines. So if I do hit one, I'll be calling Verizon for them to repair it. I gave your name and number to a southwest client last week for a lawn rolling job in the spring. They live in Deerfield (around 14&Scott Rd.)
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