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Mar 25, 2013
Feb 20, 2008
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Mar 25, 2013
    1. OfficerManderson
      Hey dude,

      Also looking to learn from yah. I'm 27, in WA State. Have had my business since 08. Looking to get into hardscaping. You get education or what? Where you learn to price, etc? Thanks,

    2. MississippiLawnKid
      Congrats on the business you built so far. To be 19 and be successful like that is really impressive. I'm 21 and I have a 48" husqvarna mower, little blower,stihl weedeater and a small trailor to start out with this summer. I was wandering if you could give my any advice to help me out. I'm not insured yet but would like to work my way up and run my own landscaping business one day. Thanks man and take care.

    3. kylecal91
      Very nice pics. One question, how did you learn to do retaining walls and steps and stuff?
    4. godawgs
      i have a 1998 331 bobcat mini x for sale for $8700 thanks 478-447-2851
    5. a&jlandscaping
      Hey man its good to see we are not alone i am 20 yeas old and have had ower business for 4 years. My business partner is also 20 and we are fully insured with a employees. we pay worker comp and all of the other bushit. Ower parents help with the book work also. Its is good to know that we are not alone good look.
    6. ACA L&L
      ACA L&L
      I gotta say for a 19 year old you are doing one helluva a job bro. Keep up the awesome work man! If u dont mind me asking what is your mix of clientele, mait. vs contsruction?
    7. RN Lawncare
      RN Lawncare
      Alright, thanks a lot man!
    8. RN Lawncare
      RN Lawncare
      Hey man, congrats on the business you built yourself. I'm sure that your parents and everybody are very proud of you, hopefully i'll be that big when i'm 19 (in 5 years lol, more time to acquire equipment lol)
    9. E.L.Co
      i saw a black duramax with 07 tow mirrors and i want it, it was on a pic of your guys workin...please lemme know bout that truck its prolly the homeowners
    10. Green Growers
      Green Growers
      Hello my name is Clint Green and I'm from Newton Ks. I like the hardscaping and plantings that you did. Do you have any Landscape design education or are you like me and have learned on the job. Which is the best way anyway. I work for the parks dept. full time and run my buisness evenings and fridays. I love working with plants, nothing is more gratifying than taking something dog ugly and making it fresh and new. Just wanted to introduce myself. Later
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    Dodge 3500 Laramie
    Dodge 2500
    chevy 2500HD
    GMC 2500HD DMAX!!
    Chevy 1 ton Dump
    Scag Tiger Cub
    Scag Tiger Cat
    Scag Wildcat
    Atlas 7x18 enclosed trailer
    6x14 landscape trailer
    Atlas 7x14 dump trailer
    PJ 20ft equipment trailer
    Bobcat 331 Excavator
    Bobcat t190
    John Deere Equipment
    all Stihl products

    LOOKING FOR A NEWER CLEAN MID SIZE DUMP TRUCK (duramax is what i would prefer)

    C & H LAWN/Landscaping Inc.
    "An Investment that just keeps growing"