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May 15, 2016
Jun 22, 2008
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May 15, 2016
    1. reliablecuts
      Hey SDLandscapes,

      My name is Alex Spencer and I live not far from you guys in South Burlington. My last name may ring a bell as your shop is in my Uncle's (Bill) warehouse. Small world, but you guys took over mowing at Land Air Express when I went off to college in 2006. Now I am back, and considering small business options. Top option is a small lawn care company. As I see you have offered some great wisdom to many on this site. Would I be able to pick your brain a bit about operating in Chittenden County? I have heard great things about S & D Landscapes and would highly appreciate some guidance on whether entering back into the mowing business would be worthwhile or not! My email is


    2. S. Scapes
      S. Scapes
      What is your name by the way?
    3. S. Scapes
      S. Scapes
      Ok, thanks alot man
    4. S. Scapes
      S. Scapes
      Hey man, I hope this is the PM you were talking about haha.
    5. h20
      How's the sk650 working out any issues? how are the non greasable bushing holding up.Working on a deal with Dan @DWNE.

      Thanks Mark

      reply to
    6. commonarea
      SD Landscapes,

      Thanks for looking at my scenario and providing meaningful feadback. I am not sure about the "single piece flow approach" terminology, but if you happen to have any time to discuss, i'd love to hear your opinion. I'm on central time and available anytime that you have a few minutes to chat tomorrow. Cell: 850-375-8400

      Thanks again!

      Dave Nielsen
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