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    1. HandsToThePlow
      Hey Sehitchman, Dave here...
      678-789-4225 is my #
    2. kawasaki guy
      kawasaki guy
      Where are you located? How much would you want for the machine?
    3. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      you could always just update the list in a word doc and every so often create a new post within that thread and say "Updated aftermarket parts" and attach the word doc to that post...that way, they wouldn't have to go back to every page or post but there would be an updated list every so many posts/pages
    4. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      yes, I could do that for you...if that is what you want to do, simply email me - - with the word doc attached and a link to the thread it should be added to
    5. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      you woould need to continuously update with new posts...because of the way that the software is set up in the for the site we would not be able to grant you that type of accessability
    6. kawasaki guy
      kawasaki guy
      what do you think of your 34" dane surfer? would you recommend it?
    7. Stik
      I came across a question in a post you made in February regarding the specs of the Dolmar 7601 and Makita 7600 blowers. Did you ever figure out an answer to your question? I am looking for the same answer and am hoping you can help...

      Why are the air volume specs are so much lower on the Makita (562 CFM vs 720 CFM)? All other specs on these two units appear identical. Are these really the same unit or is the Makita tuned down for some reason?

      The Makita unit is still on Amazon and I too am considering purchasing it (Amazon lists the 720 CFM but the Makita shows it at 562 CFM). Thanks for the info.
    8. tdv33

      Hey man this is Tim (tdv33). I'm the guy looking to move to SC and looking for work. I was wondering if you had any contacts in the Greenvill, SC area. You had mentioned that you know some foilks in the landscape supply business. I'm going down to greenville on Thursday 3/25 and i'll be there for a week. Just wanted to see if I could meet with some people to find some work. If you know of anything/anyone please let me know. my email is: / phone: 805.433.3292

      Hope all is well on your end!

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    My wife said "you're on lawn toy restriction" :nono: